Mike’s Story

“The difference is phenomenal – I haven’t fallen once since I got this knee”

Mike is a lively grandfather with a spring in his step – he’s a man who has clearly fallen in love with life all over again. Having lived with limb loss for 25 years, previously with the help of a mechanical knee, he changed over to a dynamic RHEO KNEE® and Pro-Flex® solution last year and has become a lot more active as a result.

From taking a train ride alone, which he was never able to do before, to working on his garden and favourite interests such as woodwork, he now feels safer and more confident. “I’ve always tried to do whatever I wanted, but it wasn’t easy. Now I don’t have to think twice. This feeling of control is the best I’ve ever had.”

Mike can lock his RHEO KNEE whenever he wants added stability. For him, it’s all about safety and comfort. “Just bending down, standing up – everything feels easier. I’m not as tired as I once was and I don’t get back ache like I used to.”

“I have more movement and more trust in my leg, which means more freedom.”

Pleased with the fact that the knee is weatherproof, Mike is also happier on a windy day. “Sometimes my old hydraulic knee used to flick forward before I was ready for it, especially if it was windy, but RHEO KNEE has really good control. It extends very naturally and at just the right moment, even in a crowded space.”

What Mike Uses

Mike uses his RHEO KNEE in combination with Pro-Flex and a Seal-In liner. This dynamic foot provides Mike with the stability and natural movement he wants, while reducing the load on his sound side by around 11%. That, and the extra ankle power offered by his Pro-Flex, helps him to feel less tired when he's out and about.

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