Kostas’ Story

“I want to share my story to help motivate and inspire others.”

Konstantin Veltsi is a master of many trades, with an astonishing story to tell. Not yet 30, Kostas is already an accomplished pastry chef, a personal trainer and Paralympic athlete. He also made a dramatic entrance on the New York fashion scene recently, modeling a bionic prosthesis as well as the latest designs.

Kostas’ life changed drastically at the age of 19, when he lost his left leg below the knee in a car accident. Looking at him now, it is hard to believe that he was struggling with his weight at that time and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles. Looking back, he refers to the period following his accident as the most testing time of his life, both physically and psychologically.

Motivated by his doctor and his rehab experiences, he decided not to accept limitations in his life and to start working out. Sport quickly became a passion, long jump in particular, and after only six months of training he was taking part in the World Athletic Championships in Doha. By 2016, he was in Rio at the Paralympic Games with the Greek 4x100m relay team and participated in long jump there.

“I am so happy for this extraordinary life. Keep going, live your life and never give up – that’s what I tell everyone.”

Today, Kostas’ life is no less busy. Working at a cultural center in Athens, he still trains for long jump and track and field events, aiming to compete in the Paralympics once more. Always on the go, he needs flexibility as well as comfort in a prosthesis, something he is delighted to have found in his Pro-Flex LP Align. Now Kostas can change his footwear quickly and easily, without compromising his posture and ability to walk well, giving him the freedom to enjoy his active life.

What Kostas Uses

Off the track, Kostas uses the Iceross Sport liner with the Pro-Flex LP Align, a dynamic low-profile foot with heel-height adjustability that allows him to maintain correct alignment at all times. The foot combines the comfort and functionality of the renowned Pro-Flex with the added advantage for the user of the option to adjust heel height to suit different footwear.

Find out here just how easy it is to change the alignment of Pro-Flex LP Align when you change your shoes.

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