Analyze your patient outcomes and increase retention

PRO App (Prosthetic Rehabilitation Outcomes Application) is a patient outcomes management tool that supports clinicians and O&P organizations in the administration, storing and analysis of patient outcomes. It benefits your practice in patient management, clinical decision making, and communication with referral sources. 

The patient outcomes management tool designed for independent O&P’s

Healthcare is increasingly moving to outcomes-based care models which require O&P clinicians to effectively communicate patient outcomes. Tomorrow’s clinicians should prepare for refined and repeatable articulation of their impact on patient outcomes with referral sources, patients, and payers.     

Utilization of PRO App allows you to easily collect patient outcome measures to monitor and improve the patient’s experience and clinical practice performance.  In addition, the rich data provides the opportunity to differentiate your business and provide greater value to key stakeholders and referral sources. 

PRO App delivers results:

  • Advance patient engagement, resulting in better individual outcomes and overall retention while maximizing medical justification through automated reporting structure.   
  • Expedite patient prosthetic knowledge and effective communication through reporting that demonstrates changes in mobility, shows patient progression/digression, and provides objective patient documentation.    
  • Make more informed decisions to improve clinical protocols with data to understand what clinical care pathways are working better than others, resulting in better outcomes, while improving clinical operations and efficiencies.   
  • Enhance referral source communications and increase value to other healthcare professionals by focusing the narrative on positive patient outcomes, as opposed to product or price.  
PRO App gives you the ability to administer, document and report on patient outcomes to foster improved outcomes with patients, referral sources, and payers.

Find out how PRO App can help your practice with patient management, clinical decision making, and communication with referral sources