Össur Portal

Össur Portal is free, easy-to-use technology that is both secure and transparent.

Since it is web-based, you can access it anywhere you have internet, from a SNF visit to your kitchen table, putting you in control of the ordering process from scanning to ordering and tracking.

Like the Össur Legs program overall, you can use any element anytime.
Once you are trained and onboarded, we are there to add support in whatever area you need.

The Össur Portal is designed to streamline the ordering process by letting you smart-select the appropriate liners and components, then place your order and track it with the press of a button.

Using Össur Portal, you can invest your valuable time directly with your patients.

Latest Enhancements

Össur Portal is now even easier to user.  Based on your feedback and suggestions, these improvements are now live and available to all users:

  • “Favorite” commonly ordered products like specific liners, feet, knees or components.
  • Sort products either alphabetically or by favorites.
  • When configuring a leg, users can now choose to order two different sizes of liners for their patient.
  • New “Work in Process” style home screen saves users time and makes it easier to find current Össur Legs jobs.
  • Search function by patient name, patient ID, and more.
  • Buttons to easily filter list by draft orders, open quotes, orders in process and shipped orders.
  • New leg building configurator designed for maximum flexibility.
  • Build Össur Legs & select products in the order users want- for example suspension, liners, foot, knee, then components.
  • Now available: Quickly see Össur’s suggested L-codes for each product.
  • New Icon indicates which products are waterproof.
  • Now available through Össur Portal for locking and cushion liner Össur Legs: BLACK Knit-Rite volume socks in packs of 3. Add to your next order today!

Össur Portal Features Include

Order Anywhere

Fully mobile, cloud based - iPad app and browser to allow access anywhere you have internet.

Eliminate Plaster

3D Scanning for fast and clean limb shape capture, no messy casting needed.

Save Your Work

Your order can be saved to upload to your clinical management system.

Component Choice

You are quickly guided through your choice of components designed to fit your patient.

Purchase Your Way

Place orders directly, or request quotes for your purchasing process.

Request Access to Össur Portal