What is Össur Legs?

Össur Legs makes it easy to order a complete prosthetic leg, designed by you to fit your patients’ needs. You’re in control every step of the way as our Össur Legs program can be tailored to fit your practice. Let us, help you improve:



Patient Satisfaction

Times are changing.

In today’s O&P environment, your greatest value lies in strengthening the relationships essential to the continued growth of your business. Whether providing next-level care to your patients, marketing your clinic to referral sources, or managing day to day work, there are more demands on your time than ever.

By choosing Össur Legs, you can stay focused on your patients, spending less time, purchasing components, and fewer late hours in the lab.

Direct Socket TF liner measurement

Flexibility & Efficiency

Perhaps you have a temporary shortage of technical staff or need additional capacity to get through peak busy times without overtime. Maybe you’d like to open a new office with minimal risk and investment. Whatever your situation, Össur Legs helps you connect costs with outcomes, partnering with you from start to finish.

You call the shots

"When I was modifying casts, I would often work until late at night. With Össur Legs, I got my evenings and weekends back." - Charlie LeDoux, CPO

Our tailored, customized service is focused on helping you to achieve your vision and long-term goals. We have adopted an integrated & holistic approach to address the complete leg and every component therein. The Ossur Legs program blends powerful tools like Design Studio, innovative socket techniques, and the committed partnership of our fabrication team. You select what you need, when you need it. We can help you problem solve, however your patient may present.

A socket for every clinic, A leg for every patient

We know you have time-tested methods for caring for your patients, and we work with you to offer just what you expect (at a price that is a pleasant surprise.)

It all comes down to serving you with nearly endless choices for test and definitive sockets, materials and design.

There's even an option that lets you fabricate and deliver a complete prosthesis in a single visit.

Here to help

More than just a vendor, we seek to earn your trust as a valued business partner. We’re a company founded on friendship and integrity and our hands-on approach guarantees a personal and lasting relationship.

Our high quality products, are vigorously tested and verified to work together and our technicians work diligently behind the scenes to guarantee a smooth workflow. Like you, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to excellence.



We have re-engineered the prosthetic manufacturing process to ensure quality and reliability: ABC-certified facility, lean manufacturing, and multiple QC points.

What's included?

  • Össur foot (and knee, if appropriate)
  • 2 liners, suspension and adapters
  • Aluminum or titanium adapters, as appropriate for each patient
  • Optional Height Adjustable Pylon that enables nearly 1” of build height change
  • 2-day shipping within 48 contiguous states

Available on assembled legs with sockets:

  • Alignment transfer and assembly at no extra charge
  • Shoe horn and shoe booty to make donning/doffing pants easier
  • Reusable packaging for sending check socket back to us
  • Return shipping label (extra fee)
  • Leg bag (extra fee)

Let us do the leg work for you.

A solution for every clinic

  • Let Össur make both the check and definitive sockets
  • Use the Össur Direct Socket kit to make sockets in the field
  • Make the check socket and purchase the definitive socket from Össur
  • Make your own sockets

You configure it

The Össur Custom Solutions iPad app plus a 3D scanner* lets you scan any patient’s limb and send us your order electronically.

  • Configure your leg and request a quote or place an order
  • Easy scanning and ordering
  • Eliminate the time and mess of casting
  • Save days and hundreds of dollars in shipping

Or, send us a cast, check socket or CAD file. The choice is yours!

*Contact Össur for details on compatible 3D scanners

We produce it

  • State-of-the-art, world-class prosthetic manufacturing
  • Skilled designers and technicians design and fabricate your leg under the supervision of a Certified Prosthetist
  • Multiple quality control checkpoints
  • Orders arrive in a matter of days

Quick & Easy Adjustments

The Height Adjustable Pylon by Össur allows you to easily adjust the height, rotation, and angular alignment of the prosthesis without cutting or grinding. Ready to save time, improve your patients' experience, and keep looking professional when seeing patients outside of your clinic? Height Adjustable Pylons are available on Össur Legs at no additional charge, and are designed for both definitive and preparatory use. 

More Custom Solutions

Whatever your needs, our skilled Össur Custom Solutions team will quickly design and fabricate your lower limb socket, custom liner, or complete leg the way you want it, each and every time. With our “no surprise pricing”, you don’t pay extra for things like smooth brim edges, alignment transfer, or even a foam carving.

Custom Sockets

From simple check sockets to complex definitive sockets.

Icelock 544 Series

Össur Custom Solution’s signature component system.

Connect TF Adjustable Socket

Adjustable socket indicated for low active amputees

Össur Custom Solutions App

Makes scanning and ordering a breeze. Saves hours of time labor and days of time on each check socket or new custom liner.

Specialized Össur Custom Solutions Team

We have a team of experienced customer service reps at our Custom Solutions facility in Orlando ready to add the personal touch to all of your orders