Complete Solution for O&P Design & Fabrication

As practitioners, you know the device you want to create when you evaluate a patient⁠—but it takes a long time to get there. With Design Studio, we fixed that. Design Studio is a powerful and intuitive system for scanning, modifying, and fabrication that helps you get the best orthotics and prosthetics to the most patients, with less time in the plaster room.

How it Works

iPad-Based Scanning

As easy as taking a video in 30 seconds.

  • Our custom iPad app is integrated with the Structure Scanner and our Design Studio software.
  • No emailing files, no cleaning edges.
  • Take scans offline or connected to wifi and then log on to our site to see the file in full color.
Familiar Sculpting

It's a lot like plaster, yet so much more powerful.

  • Make any modification or rectification to the 3D model that you would do with plaster, only faster, cleaner, and more accurately.
Efficiency with Complete Solutions

Use with Össur Legs for the greatest value.

  • Spend more time with your patients rather than modifying and fabricating.
  • Easily connect to Össur's high-quality fabrication service.

With Design Studio your imagination is the limit. Design custom prosthetics, orthotics, molds, covers, and more:

Design Prosthetics

Test sockets and definitives for BKs, AKs, TRs, THs, and all other kinds of limb difference

Design Orthotics

AFOs, SMOs, Shoe Inserts, TLSOs, and all other kinds of bracing

Liners & More

Custom liner molds, custom covers, and more

Features & Tools Designed for You

Intuitive Scanning & Software

Our system is the most intuitive and easy to use on the market. You can easily personalize it to fit your clinical needs. Learn more about our Custom Solutions App & Scanning technology.

Cloud Software

Design Studio lives in the cloud so it's available on every computer and device you own. It's up-to-date automatically and always getting better.

Patient Database

Save a permanent record of all of your work. Reference what was done and easily share best practices.

Great Training

Training included at no cost. In addition, our training center helps you easily learn new things or brush up on old skills any hour of the day or night.

Payor Relations

Justification tools help you share visual and measurement-based limb changes with a few clicks.

Share Easily

It's easy to share information with patients, referrers, payors, and the rest of your team.

White-Glove Support

Web chat, phone and screen share support whenever you need it. We are here to help you succeed.

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