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Össur is an innovative global leader in non-invasive orthopaedic applications and offers a complete range of prosthetic solutions including feet, knees, components, interfaces, suspension systems, socket solutions, and upper and lower-extremity Bionic solutions.

We seek to deliver value to our local customers through:

  • Understanding the unique needs and challenges of customers and clients in the region and partnering with them to find solutions.
  • Leveraging the diverse competencies and expertise of our teams and partners to solve customer challenges.
  • Delivery of innovative products, services, support resources, events, and education programs.

We offer the following array of standard courses which can also be configured in bespoke ways to meet the unique needs of your staff and organisation. To request a product course, please explore our offerings below or contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 369 524.

Connect TF Course (3.75 CPD Points)

Course Length: ½ Day

Connect TF is an adjustable socket indicated for low active amputees. The open socket donning feature designed into the on/off tensioning handle, helps ease of donning and doffing while the user is in sitting position. Connect TF can be custom fitted by a certified prosthetist and adjusted throughout the socket lifetime in height, angle and circumference. This half day course focuses on user selection, socket sizing and adjustment. Correct liner selection and complementary component options for this new balance solution are covered, as well as suitable Mechanical Knee Prescription.

Direct Socket TF Course (15 CPD Points)

Course Length: 2 Days

The Direct Socket TF System is a new and innovative way of making a Transfemoral socket, directly onto the users residual limb. Utilising appropriate liner size and selection, a silicon brim, and either Basalt or Glass fibre braids, the socket is directly laminated to the user, with the whole process taking no more than 1.5 hours. The Direct Socket TF can be utilised with Seal-In, Unity Elevated Vacuum and Locking suspension, making it suitable for a wide range of users. This course will take place over 2 days at the customers facility, with multiple Direct Sockets made to ensure the attending clinicians gain hands on experience and confident with this new technique. Patient models will be fit with appropriate Liners, Locks or valves, and troubleshooting techniques will also be covered.

Direct Socket TT Course (8 CPD Points)

Course Length: 1 Day

The Modular Socket System has been replaced with the enhanced Direct Socket System. From start to finish, the Direct Socket System can be fabricated and fit to a transtibial client in approximately one hour. The simplicity and efficiency of fit makes it the perfect solution for remote clinics and hospital settings. Learn how to fabricate the Direct Socket prosthesis using the direct lamination method, with new improved material choices and even easier fabrication technique. It can be utilised with a wide range of suspension methods including Iceross Seal-In, cushion and Locking, and is compatible with Icelock 544 Expulsion and Unity plates and 511 series as well as the Icelock 214 and 600 series. Assembly is completed using all the compatible valves and locks where appropriate, demonstrating on a model patient using Seal-In, Cushion and Locking Liners. A complete review of Pro-Flex Foot fitting techniques is also included.

Livingskin Course (6 CPD Points)

Course Length: 1 Day

Livingskin devices are passive functional prostheses made with high definition silicone. Custom sculpting and painting ensure an individualised fit including: Optimised skin tone matching and personalised details such as freckles, hair, scars and tattoos. This one day course focused on the full product portfolio, including upper and lower limb devices. Livingskin processes, are covered, with a focus on correct room lighting for image capture with the mylivingskin app, as well as impression taking methods for the different devices.

Mechanical Knee Course (3.75 CPD Points)

Course Length: ½ Day

Össur has a wide range of Mechanical Knees suitable for a range of users, from K1 - K4. This course will look at the range of mechanical knees, their features and benefits, and prescription considerations. Using a patient model, clinicians can get hands on experience with fitting the range of knees, learning how to make the appropriate adjustments to tailor the knee to the individual. The PASO Knee will also be covered, which features Closing Geometry for safety in stance, and auto-adaptive pneumatic swing phase control, which adapts to variable walking speeds without any valves to adjust.

Pro-Flex® Family Course (2 CPD Points)

Course Length: ½ Day

Introducing new Pivot technology, the Pro-Flex Pivot provides improved ankle range of motion, a powerful push off and improved progression of the centre of pressure movement, helping to reduce impact on the sound side. Optimise performance outcomes for your clients by learning how to select and fit the Pro-Flex family as well as Flex-Foot systems in 4 easy steps. Work through setting up select feet with a model patient. The complete range of Pro-Flex and Flex-Foot products is covered with focus on candidate selection, category and impact selection, alignment, and adjustment techniques.

PROPRIO FOOT® Course (5 CPD Points)

Course Length: ½ Day

The New Proprio Foot adapts to varied terrain 60% faster than the previous model, and now features the dynamic Pro-Flex LP foot module- providing 44% more toe off power, providing reduced sound side loading. Optimise performance outcomes for your clients by gaining essential experience for prescription, alignment, programming and adjustment for the new Proprio Foot. Work through setting up the Proprio Foot on a patient model, utilising the Ossur Logic app to fine tune the foot to the individual user, with a detailed overview of all the features and settings, including ramp and stair adaption.

RHEO KNEE® and RHEO KNEE® XC Course (8 CPD Points)

Course Length: 1 Day

Featuring a powerful performance driven by an enhanced extension assist, stronger actuator and the addition of a kinematic sensor (qyroscope), the RHEO KNEE provides the best of stability and responsive control for a wide range of clients. New optional Enhanced Stability Settings are designed to enhance the stability in stance and swing for lower active users. The RHEO KNEE XC features advanced functionality that facilities intuitive running, cycling and step overstep stair ascent, for your more active user. Gain the essential experience for prescription, alignment, programming and adjustment of this unique microprocessor-knee system. All fittings with model patients are completed with an appropriate Pro-Flex or Flex Foot system.

Touch Solutions Overview

Course Length: 1 Day

One day course focusing on the review of the i-Limb, i-Digit, Livingskin and accessory range of products. Demonstration of multi-articulated hand function, Myo-testing, impression procedures, and Livingskin photo applications will be incorporated. Course may be arranged prior to order placement.

Transtibial Solutions - Seal-In® Suspension Systems (10 CPD Points)

Course Length: 1 Day

Superior comfort, range of motion and control without the use of suspension sleeves is what makes Seal-In technology the preferred interface choice for a growing number of amputees. This 1-day course demonstrates the range of Seal-In liner applications (HSM, X5, Seal-In V and Seal-in X) with passive expulsion using the 544 or 551 valve system. A complete prosthesis is fabricated with patient model using hand casting methods. Measurement, casting, modification, alignment, fitting and troubleshooting topics are covered in conjunction with review of Pro-Flex and Flex-Foot fitting techniques.

Transtibial Solutions - Sleeve and Expulsion Valve Suspension Systems (10 CPD Points)

Course Length: 2 Days

Cushion liner and sleeve suspension systems provide maximum protection and cushioning for the residual limb. Learn how to fabricate and fit an exceptionally comfortable socket in this one-day course which incorporates cushion liner (Synergy, Dermo or Comfort), Össur Sleeve and passive 544 or 551 expulsion valve. Measurement, casting, modification, alignment, fitting and troubleshooting topics are covered in conjunction with review of Flex-Foot fitting techniques.

Touch Solutions: i-Digits Course

Course Length: Up to 4 days

We offer full support of the complete i-Digit fitting process. Instruction on the fitting process for i-Digit fittings, evaluation of user and impression taking with attending clinician (1/2 day).

1st Check socket fitting includes evaluation of check socket and cast modification if required (1/2 day).
2nd Check socket fitting with digit alignment and preliminary client training (1-2 days depending on complexity of need).

Definitive fitting and client training with attending clinician and OT staff, utilising training suite (1/2 day). Approximately 3-4 days of support services in total required depending on need.

*Full i-digit courses are arranged after an order of an i-Digit system has been placed with Customer Service (sales order only). Clinicians are also available for evaluation on the suitability of i-Digits.

Touch Solutions: i-Limb® Quantum Course

Course Length: 1-2 Days

We provide support for the fitting of the i-Limb Quantum. For a 1-day course please have a check socket already prepared and ready to fit, alternatively we can provide trans-radial casting training, the manufacture of a check socket and setting up of socket in fitting frame over the course of 2 days. During this course we will provide an overview of the i-Limb range, client selection, components and covering options. Using the Virtu-Limb we assist with myo-testing with the client, before proceeding with with the setting up of the i-Limb on a check socket and fitting frame. i-Limb programming using Biosim will be covered, before taking the client through the staged training approach using Training Suite.

*i-Limb courses are arranged after an order has been placed with Customer Service for the full hand (trial or sales order).

Unity® Sleeveless Elevated Vacuum System for Transfemoral Amputees (18 CPD Points)

Course Length: 2 Days

Using a modular Seal-In Ring, the Seal-In X is designed to customise and maximise suspension for the transfemoral amputee. Under vacuum, suspension is further optimised to provide superior comfort and control. Fabricate a transfemoral Unity elevated vacuum prosthesis incorporating the innovative Seal-In X liner from start to finish in this two-day hands-on course. All fittings will be completed in conjunction with RHEO KNEE XC or RHEO KNEE with an appropriate Pro-Flex or Flex-Foot system. Course provides detailed instruction relating to prescription, measurement, casting and modification, fabrication methods, assembly and field maintenance.

Unity® Sleeveless Elevated Vacuum System for Transtibial Amputees (18 CPD Points)

Course Length: 2 Days

Experience the ultimate in suspension, comfort and performance with this two-day hands-on introduction to the Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System featuring Seal-In V or Seal-in X. Work from start to finish to create a complete Unity prosthesis incorporating the Seal-In V/Seal-in X, Unity Vacuum pump and valve in conjunction with a suitable foot from the Pro-Flex or Flex-Foot range. Course provides detailed instruction relating to prescription, measurement, casting and modification, fabrication methods, assembly and field maintenance