Saskia Remmerswaal

Since the birth of my youngest son 20 years ago, I have had to deal with the challenges of rheumatism. The search for effective treatments has been difficult and over the years my mobility has continued to decline due to the damage caused by the condition. The rheumatism required medication to shut down my immune system which meant that a wound on the heel of the right leg led to a bone infection resulting in an amputation through the knee joint. Unfortunately, my left knee also became infected and this too led to an amputation through my upper leg. With new medication, my condition is under control but the damage caused is irreparable. A long struggle followed before I could fully enjoy life again.

Before I met my current prosthetist, I felt limited and lost hope that I would ever have an active life again. My previous prosthetic knees couldn’t provide the support I needed to stand up and due to the rheumatism, my arms couldn’t bear much weight. My mobility was very limited and I felt doomed to a life in a wheelchair. But sports and exercise have always been an important part of my life, and I was desperately looking for a way to reignite my passion.

“I just have to do, see and experience things. It makes me happy!”

Saskia Remmerswaal

Meeting with my Prosthetist

Frank Jol came into my life and he truly understood my situation and took my dreams seriously. Frank bolstered my desire to get more out of life and with his help, I discovered the Power Knee - a breakthrough that completely changed my life. The Power Knee gave me the strength and support to get moving again and to regain my independence.

Discovering the Power Knee has been a journey. After years of immobility and challenges, I started training and gradually regained my strength and confidence. The Power Knee gives me a new feeling of control over my movements, and with the guidance of my orthotist and his team, I’m getting ever closer to my goals.

I vividly remember the first time I stood, using the Power Knee. The feeling of freedom and power was overwhelming and I realised that I could reshape my life, rediscover my passions, and pursue my dreams. No longer am I limited by physical obstacles; I can be myself and fully enjoy the life that I want.

The feeling of my legs with Power Knee is indescribable. Previously my prosthetic legs were just objects that supported me, but now they are my own legs. With Power Knee I have control over my movements. I can stand, sit, and get up when and how I want, and the knee responds intuitively. This feeling of control and synchronisation between my body and the prosthesis is something I never thought possible.

“With Power Knee, I have control over my movements. I can stand, sit, and get up when and how I want, and the knee responds intuitively.”

Saskia Remmerswaal

Little Moments of Happiness

I discovered the beauty of small moments of happiness that I previously took for granted. Reaching up into a cupboard, cleaning the counter while standing, getting into a car - these seemingly mundane actions now mean so much to me. It may sound daft, but being able to do these things independently again is a great feeling. Every time, I surprise myself with a mini-milestone that reminds me of how far I've come, and how much more I can still achieve. These milestones were not easy to achieve, but they are a tribute to my discipline, perseverance, having the right people around me, and the technology that helped me realise my dreams.

My life is now on an upward trajectory. I can get up and about on my own, which means I’m more sociable and eager to explore new places, and my family has also witnessed the positive impact of these changes. My energy is on its way back, and with the Power Knee's by my side, I am starting to realise my goals.

Now I proudly walk on my Power Knees, which are not only functional, but also a symbol of strength and perseverance. I am stronger, feel safer, and save energy, which allows me to do things that previously seemed impossible. My self-confidence grows with every step I take and my mental health has been given a huge boost.

By telling my story I want to show what is possible when you hold on to your dreams and find the right support. The Power Knee gave me back my mobility, my hope, my passions, and my quality of life. My advice to others is to never settle for limitations, but always keep looking for ways to improve and increase your quality of life. It takes a lot of discipline and training, but in the end it will get you further. Hard work certainly pays off.

With the Power Knee, I am learning that there are always opportunities to grow, change, and recover. My journey continues, and I'm already enjoying walks on the beach, adventures with my dog, and traveling in my RV. I can't wait to discover what else I can do. With Power Knee, I can push my limits and live my life to the fullest.

“My Power Knee is not just a tool, it is the key component in my journey to freedom and independence.”

Saskia Remmerswaal
I just have to do, see, and experience things!

Name: Saskia Remmerswaal

Occupation: Former general practitioner and now medical advisor

Place of residence: Anderen, Netherlands

Walking the dog
Taking care of my family
what i love
  • Exercise in the open air. From gardening to walking to hand cycling in the woods or heathlands
  • Social activities with my family and relatives. Either watching a movie together or going on a day out
  • Traveling with the camper. I love destinations with diverse nature where you can come and go as you please