Luc’s Story

Luc Huberty is an astonishing triathlete, whose dream is to one day compete in the Olympic Games. He trains regularly, pushing himself hard, and he is delighted with his RHEO KNEE XC and Pro-Flex solution for everyday activities.

Previously a construction manager responsible for 20 employees, Luc lost his leg when he was 36 years old in a horrific road accident. At the rehab centre, he watched others spend their days just watching TV and going to bed. “I remember thinking, this is not a possibility, not for me at least.”

Sport enabled Luc to get back on his feet and regain his self-esteem. First it was swimming, then running. He has since established an organisation to help anyone who needs a running leg to get one for themselves.

“I hope others can learn from me that constraints and adversity do not matter... If you keep your head up and keep on dreaming, nothing is impossible”

What Luc Uses

Luc's intense training requires the most durable and dynamic leg available. He uses the Iceross Seal-In X TF, which is designed to minimize movement in the socket, and a RHEO KNEE XC that is capable of sensing the moment he starts to jog or run. It also recognises when he starts to cycle or ascend stairs, and adapts accordingly. Luc’s choice of foot is the Pro-Flex XC Torsion for extra rotational support and shock absorption.

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