Throughout the year, Össur Academy hosts live online webinars, covering a range of topics. Please go to our Össur Events page for full details and registration information about upcoming webinars. We will continually update with new session details as they become available.

Following each session, the presentation and recording of the webinar will be available to view in your own time.

What do our webinars look like?

Our webinars are designed to be interactive, allowing you to ask questions throughout so that you can get the most out of your session. We also employ a variety of resources which allows us to switch between presentation modes and live demonstrations utilising a number of camera angles so you can see everything clearly.

Naked Prosthetics - It's all about function - 17th April 2024

Össur are proud to add the NP portfolio to the Upper Limb family, offering clinicians and people with finger and partial hand amputations a new level of functionality from these robust, custom-made body-controlled devices. The team will discuss the user selection criteria, review the process for data collection and ordering as well as hearing from end users and clinician sharing their success stories.

A New Era in Motion - Introducing the new Power Knee - 27th March 2024

The new Össur Power Knee is the latest iteration of a revolutionary prosthetic device offering powered knee function that offers end user new opportunities in both early rehabilitation and long term prosthetic use. The team will review some of the history of Power Knee development, its role in rehabilitation and complex case management as well as technical set-up and functional training. Supporting the session will  be users and clinicians sharing their stories.

Multi-Grip Prosthetic Hands – Supporting the NHS England Policy (14th March, 2024)

Össur has a long and pioneering history in the development and supply of Multi-grip hands and digits. The team will illustrate their respective roles in supporting healthcare professionals involved in upper limb rehabilitation and the devices and services we offer. Particular attention will be paid to technical and functional training for clinical colleagues as well as the end user.  Focus will be given to transitioning from existing upper limb body or battery powered prostheses to a wealth of new functional opportunities designed to maximise functional outcomes with a Multi-Grip Prosthesis.

Audience – Healthcare and Case Management professionals involved in upper limb amputee rehabilitation.

Early Amputee Rehabilitation - Prosthetic Management (28th February, 2024)

There are a number of tools that can both support and progress management of the lower limb amputee in the prosthetic phase of early rehabilitation. The team will illustrate a number of socket solutions and other prosthetic hardware specifically designed to optimise functional outcomes of new amputees with limited mobility. Selection criteria and fitting guidance will be discussed and demonstrated.

Early Amputee Rehabilitation - Pre-Prosthetic Management - 14th January 2024

Early Amputee Rehabilitation - Pre-Prosthetic Management

Variance in early amputee rehabilitation can influence outcome measures regarding wound healing, duration of hospital stay and early prosthetic functional outcomes. The team covers examples of evidence-based practice, professional body best practice guidelines and clinical experiences from a number of healthcare professionals with a special interest in management of the lower limb amputee. 

The Realities of Managing the Injured Knee: 'Managing Deviations & Expectations’

Speakers: Paul Trikha & Andrew Goodall

Please join us on from the Schoen Clinic in London, where we are excited to be joined by Paul Trikha & Andrew Goodall for an honest and in-depth look at the realities of managing the injured knee from an orthopaedic consultant and physiotherapist perspective. These two respected individuals within their field discuss and demonstrate topics which include diagnosis pearls for the injured knee, the outliers of typical recovery timelines and social media: helpful or hindrance to the management of the ACL.

MDR (Medical device regulations) Webinar

Socket Solutions Webinar

Virtual Mobility Clinic

A virtual mobility clinic led by Rachel and Lisan, Össur Academy Physiotherapists, showcasing specific exercises that can help keep your patients mobile, suitable for all abilities and ages.

This session is designed to give your patients exercises that are easily performed at home, but nonetheless challenging enough to push their mobility to the next level. We ask you to please forward this on to your patients who may be interested.

We also welcome you to join us and hear the tips and tricks from our therapists about how to target key muscles which are important for balance, posture and walking.

The 10th Annual MSK GP Study Day

Össur Virtual Learning is pleased to present the 10th Annual MSK GP Study Day, an afternoon of informative virtual sessions examining the changes and different scenarios professionals are facing in primary care. This event was an educational and engaging platform for GPs and Therapists to collaborate, learn from each other and develop their critical skills.

Early Amputee Rehabilitation, Part 2: To Walk or Not to Walk

This session will explore the multidisciplinary team assessment & decision making process that evaluates whether prosthetic rehabilitation is appropriate to a new amputee, with specific focus and attention on those borderline cases. Additionally, we will be discussing the end of an amputees journey, where prosthesis use may be questionable/counterproductive in contributing to the patients quality of life, and whether there are alternative tools that can extend the period of useful prosthetic independence. Richard Hirons, Katy Farr, Ollie Smith, Rachel Humpherson & David Lindgren from the Össur North Europe team are excited to be joined by the following guest speakers for this event:

  • Mr Neil Hopper, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Dr Fiona Davie-Smith, Physiotherapist & Clinical Coordinator for SSPS Glasgow
  • Emil Hedrén, CPO with Team Olmed Varberg
  • Andy Bache, Senior Product Designer at Össur

In Conversation with Richard Whitehead

World Record Para-Athlete, Ambassador & Fundraiser

An interactive discussion with Paralympian, Team Össur athlete and total legend,Richard Whitehead, MBE.

“In Conversation with Richard Whitehead” invites Richard to take the chair and answer your questions during an insightful interview that goes behind the scenes with the man known as “Monster” to his coach. We’ll explore his career, what first inspired him to run, his epic 40 Marathons in 40 days adventure and more professional highlights; as well as his life as a prosthesis user and the work he dedicates to good causes and fundraising.

Dedicated family man and life-long prosthesis user, Richard also spends much of his time off the track sharing his knowledge to help motivate and enable others to become the best they can be.

Knee Surgery vs Knee Bracing: A Clash or Collaboration?

Speakers: Mr Ian McDermott & Mr Mike Aunger

The next instalment in our 2021 webinar series:Knee Surgery vs Knee Braces – A ​​​Clash or Collaboration? We are joined by Mr Ian McDermott, Consultant Knee Surgeon at London Sports Orthopaedics and Mr Mike Aunger, Physiotherapist with Technique Physiotherapy London.

As we move closer to coming out of current lockdown restrictions, the way patients within the MSK environment are treated will have to change. This insightful webinar will be a continuation of Mr McDermott’s session in April 2020, “How to Handle Knees in the Current Covid-19 Crisis” and will allow discussion into how current approaches may have to be altered. As healthcare must find solutions to the backlog of patients created by the pandemic, this webinar will aim to give you an insight into how practice could adapt, and some of the solutions that could be explored.

In Conversation with Andrew Cotton

Big Wave Surfer

An Össur webinar with a difference: In Conversation with Andrew Cotton.

Andrew is a CTi and Red Bull sponsored athlete, professional big wave surfer and keynote speaker. Andrew has spoken at TED Youth, web summits and global networking events; and we are excited that he will share his story with us on the Össur Webinar platform. Andrew will take us through his surfing journey, how he has overcome adversity to achieve his goals, how he has dealt with failure, the importance of teamwork and how to think creatively in the face of fear. The talk will finish off a Q&A session, allowing you to get real insight into how Andrew pushes himself to do extreme and dangerous things.

This guarantees to be a really fascinating session and exploration into Andrew’s remarkable journey.

Recorded Live Knee Arthroscopy

Speaker: Mr Manoj Sood, Orthopaedic Consultant

The first KOL virtual learning session of 2021: Recorded Live Knee Arthroscopy.

Mr Manoj Sood Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon talks us through live knee surgery cases which he recorded through lockdown. This is a unique opportunity to see it from the consultant’s viewpoint, visualising what clinical indications look like from inside the joint and allowed the audience to interact with Mr Sood whilst he takes us through the procedure. A fascinating topic to start the KOL’S for 2021 and one not to be missed.

Mr Sood is a leading Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon who treats all hip and knee conditions as well as sports injuries. He is in his 16th year of Specialist Consultant Practice and has trained internationally, including in Centres of Excellence in North America. He has gained recognition as a Top Doctor by his peers and his huge experience means that he is often sought out to provide opinions on more difficult and complex cases.

Knee Pain – What Else Should You Consider?

Speaker: Consultant Orthopaedic & Sarcoma Surgeon Mr Amit Kumar

Mr Amit Kumar Consultant Orthopaedic & Sarcoma Surgeon presents on knee pain and the multitude of factors that should be considered when assessing, as well as the treatment options available when unique conditions are found. Mr Kumar, who is Clinical Director of Sarcoma for Greater Manchester Cancer Pathway Board gives insight into this unique condition and one which is rarely discussed in the world of orthopaedics.

Mr Kumar is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with specialist interest is in musculoskeletal oncology, in particular soft tissue sarcomas. He is the Clinical Director of Sarcoma for Greater Manchester Cancer Pathway Board. He qualified at the Royal Free and University College London Medical School in 2003 and undertook his early surgical training in the North West. His specialist post-graduate training in Trauma & Orthopaedics was in the East Midlands (South) T&O rotation. He then completed fellowships in lower limb arthroplasty and sarcoma in Leicester, Nottingham and Wrightington hospitals.

The Paediatric Knee - Patellofemoral

Speakers: Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Nicolas Nicolaou

This three part webinar on The Paediatric Knee with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Nicolas Nicolaou is a fascinating and informative session. Mr Nicolaou will present on the paediatric knee, specifically on the area of patellafemora and will break down the session into 3 presentations that aim to explore the age specific management of patellofemoral instability in kids. We hope you can join us for this unique insight into very specialist area of care.

Upper Limb Prosthetic Therapy Training

Join us for an informative insight into cohesive multidisciplinary training for upper limb prosthesis users by our North Europe Academy Clinical Specialists, Rachel Humpherson, Physiotherapist, and Elaine Miller, Prosthetist, joined by Steve Martin, Occupational Therapist for the Ossur US training program.
We're also joined by Andrew Gannon, our upper limb ambassador for practical demonstrations throughout the session.

- Brief overview of prosthetic hands
- Roles of Multidisciplinary team
- Functional Therapy Clinical pathway
- Training stages
- Overuse injury

8th Surrey Knee Meeting

Co-hosted by Össur and the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic

This year's Surrey Knee Meeting will take place as an online virtual meeting. Primarily aimed at physiotherapists and allied health professionals, it will provide an update in the assessment, treatment and management of a painful knee with a focus on the main current hot topics in both knee surgery and rehabilitation as well as some exciting live demonstrations.

Following the highly successful previous meetings, we continue to support you by delivering high quality presentations and training even in a pandemic!

We are very excited to share the details of the 8th instalment of the Surrey Knee Meeting which brings together a renowned, multifaceted faculty with a wealth of expertise and experience. The mission of this meeting is to share good practice, techniques and innovation.

High Activity Solutions

Speakers: Össur North Europe Academy Team

Let us take a deeper look into the world of high-activity solutions from Össur, we will be reviewing the latest development in specific sport feet, along with feet that can be used for multi-activities. Our physiotherapist will be on hand to answer any questions regarding the training required to use these feet, along with our clinical specialists to answer any questions you may have on getting the best solution for your patients

Live Practical Webinar on ACL and OA Knee from Pure Sports Medicine, Canary Wharf

Speakers: Mr Andrew Goodall MSc, BSc & Mr Paul Trikha, FRCS (TR&ORTH) MBBS

This fascinating 2 session webinar focussed on the practical assessment and treatment of the ACL injured patient, followed by conservative management and decision making on the arthritic knee.  We are delighted to be joined by Paul Trikha and Andrew Goodall who gave us real insight from both a surgeon’s and physiotherapist perspective. This webinar was filmed live from Pure Sports Medicine Clinic in Canary Wharf where Andrew and Paul went through live demonstration of assessment and the treatment principles behind those decisions.

The Foot and Ankle in Gait

Speaker: Ian Sadler BSc (Hons)

Guest speaker Ian Sadler will be discussing "The Foot and Ankle in Gait". Your foot is a complex and fascinating piece of engineering, interacting with the ground and carrying your body for thousands steps each day. Using key ‘phases of gait’ Ian will discuss what the foot is doing, how it works and how it is controlled as it progresses over the ground and lets you progress your body over it.

Ian Sadler is the Clinical Director of BxClinic in Norwich. He is passionate about his work with the Biomechanics Clinic, assisting a wide range of people, from those suffering from debilitating arthritis to elite sports people. Ian is involved in spreading the word on the importance of understanding biomechanics to physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths; and lectures on biomechanics throughout the world.

Patellar Instability: Surgical and Conservative Management Options

Speaker: Kirti Moholkar

Patellar subluxation and instability is a rapidly evolving subject in the field of knee disorders. The instability issues range from traumatic single dislocation events which are relatively easy to treat to developmental issues like recurrent and habitual subluxations and dislocations. A thorough history, detailed investigations, proper diagnosis, physiotherapy, taping, bracing and surgery are all very important tools in its treatment but called in a timely fashion will always lead to a better outcome.

Mr. Moholkar will present on the most desired and important aspects of this interesting and challenging topic with a view to discussing the management options in your physiotherapy practice and briefly discuss what the treatment options are like when they are handed over to the secondary care.

British Athletics: Treating and Training Lower Limb Amputee Athletes

Speakers: Össur UK Academy, Gemma Jefferson - Paralympic Lead Physiotherapist, British Athletics, Sam Heathcote – Strength & Conditioning Coach, English Institute of Sport

View our online training session where we’ll be looking at common musculoskeletal complaints, strength and conditioning principles and sprint technique for lower limb amputees.

Diabetic Foot Management: An MDT Approach

Speakers: Gail Morrison

We are delighted to be joined by Gail Morrison Diabetic Team Lead for Orthotics at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Gail will be presenting on the condition and causes of diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers, the issues, and concerns around treating the diabetic foot. Gail will finish her presentation discussing the challenges of setting up an MDT service and how they got to the gold standard service which is now utilised within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. This fascinating webinar will give real insight and education on the treatment and pathway of the diabetic foot.

Gail has been Diabetes Team Lead for Orthotics in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for 3 years, having worked within the NHS in Glasgow since 2005. The Orthotic Service in NHS GGC is one of the largest NHS services in the UK, covering 8 hospitals and employing 20 orthotists. Having graduated from the National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics in 1997, Gail worked as a prosthetist in Manchester for a year before switching to her true passion, Orthotics in 1999.

Trauma in the Time of Covid

Speakers: Total Orthopaedics Consultants & Radiologist: Joyti Saksena, Harold Nwaboku, Pinak Ray, Rupen Dattani, Rajiv Bajekal, Imran Anwar

A fascinating group discussion on how Covid has affected the type of trauma cases that are being seen from more chronic injuries to mismanaged fractures. The Total Orthopaedics group will then move on to how they have had to adapt to manage trauma in the Covid environment, from higher threshold to operate, working with PPE and the reduced number of cases. The evening is going to be focused on round table discussion and case studies with a unique opportunity to engage with 5 orthopaedic consultants from various specialities and discuss how orthopaedics has coped in the past 3 months and how the face of orthopaedics will have to change in the coming months and years. The Total Orthopaedics group will also have their radiologist joining, who will discuss the salient features and talk around potential associated injuries to consider and what other scans may help with management.

Total Orthopaedics London is a multispeciality orthopaedic service where all specialists are committed to patient-focused care. They understand that time for appointments and cost of treatment is a consideration for all patients. Therefore, they ensure an affordable service of excellence with the least disruption in the patients busy schedule for assessment, diagnostic tests and surgery.

Dynamic Knee Bracing Conservative Management of Ligament Injuries

Speakers: Mr Ioannis Pengas MBChB, MRCS, FRCS (T&O), MPhil (MedLaw & Ethics), M.D.(Medical Doctorate)
Tim Powell Advance Practice Physiotherapist MCSP

A collaborative webinar into the use of dynamic knee braces in the management of cruciate ligament injuries. We are delighted to be joined by Ioannis Pengas Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Tim Powell Advance Practice Physiotherapist, Össur Academy clinician Giles Leeming & National Sales Manager Stewart Hogg.

As healthcare moves into a new phase and the treatment of patients is looked at differently, we will explore cruciate ligament injuries of the knee and the role of dynamic knee braces. Ioannis Pengas, who is the current Co-convenor of the UK Biological Knee Society 2020, along with physiotherapist Tim Powell, will share their philosophy, experiences and practice on how dynamic knee braces can be utilised in the management of knee cruciate ligament injuries.

Our very own Giles Leeming and Stewart Hogg will then take you through the fitting and features of the Rebound ACL & PCL “the world’s first truly dynamic force braces”.

Spinal Fracture Management: A Bracing and Physiotherapy Perspective

Speaker: Ollie Chillcott

With current capacity restrictions and limitations on surgical options there is an increased focus on how we can manage spinal patients most effectively from a conservative perspective. In this session Ollie Chillcott will be discussing the general management of patients with spinal fractures from Physiotherapy perspective. He will share his experiences of correct management and mitigation of potential issues. This will be followed with practical demonstration by our Academy Clinician Giles Leeming of the correct method of application of our trusted Miami spinal range incorporating the Miami J ® range for cervical spine and the Miami TLSO range for thoraco-lumbar conditions.

Ollie is currently Neurosciences Therapy Team Lead from University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. He originally qualified in 2008 then worked at King’s College Hospital with a secondment to the Midland Centre for Spinal Chord Injuries until his move to Coventry 2.5 years ago. Keen to progress his specialist interest in spines and SCI he is soon to move to becoming Neurorehabilition Case Manager for the Midlands and East in July. One of his primary focuses in this new role will be the continuing development of spinal pathways in the region.

Upper Limb Absence Research

Speakers: Lynsay Emmrich, M.S., OTR/L & Össur UK Prosthetics team

Online training session where we’ll be exploring recent updates to the evidence base for upper limb absence, including setting individualised goals, overuse injuries and the use of multi-articulating prostheses for partial hand to trans-radial users.

Lynsay graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. She then went on to serve as an Army Occupational Therapist at locations including Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, Ft. Riley, Ft. Knox, and at a combat support hospital in Iraq. She has a worked for Touch Bionics and now Össur for the past 8 years leading a team of occupational therapists supporting customers in the United States. Lynsay has published on research surrounding multi-articulating full and partial hand technology as well as presented at various state, national and international conferences on her research and clinical experience.


Brace Before Replace? Conservative OA Management

Guest Speaker: Mr Amit Chandratreya MB MS(ORTH) MCh(ORTH) FRCS(Tr & Orth) (Glasg.)

We are joined by Amit Chandratreya, Orthopaedic Consultant Princess of Wales Hospital Bridgend, Stacey Copeland Commonwealth Boxing champion and Unloader User, Össur Academy clinician, Giles Leeming & National Sales Manager, Stewart Hogg. As healthcare moves into a new phase and the treatment of patients is looked at differently, we will explore conditions of the knee that can be treated conservatively. Amit Chandratreya, who is the author of the BMJ study which looked into the use of the Unloader One brace over an 8 year period, will share his experience and practice on how to treat these patients optimally. We will also be joined by Stacey Copeland who will share her experiences of how the Unloader has kept her going. Our very own Giles Leeming and Stewart Hogg will then take you through the Unloader One range showing the features and benefits of the product.

Mr Amit Chandratreya is a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon working at the Princess of Wales Hospital and the Bridgend Clinic at Bridgend.

The Importance of Sports after an Amputation

Guest Speaker: Prof. dr. Rienk Dekker MD PhD

A collaborative live presentation with guest speaker Prof. dr. Rienk Dekker, Consultant in Rehabilitation and Professor from the University Medical Center of Groningen (UMCG). During this Key Speaker Webinar we will cover the importance of sports after amputation, primarily covering lower limb amputation.

The webinar will provide answers to common questions such as:

  • What are the benefits of sports in combination with an amputation and prostheses?
  • What the literature tells us when it comes to physical, mental and social areas?
  • When can you tell somebody is fit?
  • Can we use sports for rehab purposes, or is it just fun?
  • What is the difference between a normal prosthesis and a sport prosthesis?
  • What are the common issues while sporting with a prosthesis and how do we challenge these?
  • What is the role of the Rehabilitation Physician and the CPO when it comes to sporting with an amputation?

We hope you enjoy this informative and exciting online session.

One Visit Prosthetic Solutions

An introduction into One Visit Prosthetic Solutions. We give insight and illustration to Direct Socket for both Trans Tibial and Trans Femoral users, as well as an introduction to our TF Connect concept. We also discuss and demonstrate the end user experience and service efficiency.

Rehabilitating Patients Post-Lockdown

Guest Speaker: Dr Claire Minshull

Dr Claire Minshull is one of the most highly respected and research active rehabilitation and conditioning specialists in the UK. She has worked in the field of sports medicine and health for 20 years as a senior lecturer, researcher, consultant and as a practitioner. She has designed, led and managed major clinical and non clinical research trials, supervised several phD students and has published over 30 research papers in leading peer reviewed sports medicine journals. Dr Minshull's area of expertise means that she uniquely spend the gap between the physiology of conditioning and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.

In this Key Opinion Leader webinar, Dr Minshull will focus on addressing the neuromuscular consequences following weeks of lockdown. She will delve into the likely consequences of lockdown on muscle performance, establishing a hierarchy of importance and what to focus on and when. Once you have established the rehab focus, how to optimise outcomes.


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Early Amputee Rehab

During this online training session, we illustrate an evidence based clinical pathway for lower limb amputees, from amputation to early prosthetic use. Along the journey, we also visit therapy interventions, prosthetic preparation and gait re-education.

Conservative Management of Spinal Trauma

Guest Speaker: Mr Sashin Ahuja MBBS, MS (Orth) FRCS (Tr & Orth )

Sashin Ahuja is a Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board since 2003. His practice covers the full spectrum of spinal disorders including paediatric deformity. He has worked on the executive boards of British Scoliosis Society (BSS), British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS) and AO Spine and is the current BASS President, AO Spine UK council chair and co-chair of the Spine ODEP & BC. He is an expert advisor to NICE and MHRA.

In this webinar Mr Sashin Ahuja Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon will give an overview on the management of spinal trauma. This will include the anatomy of spinal trauma, the concepts of stability and instability and the management options which exist for both. This will include and in depth look at both the surgical and conservative management options.

View Spinal Products

"The Ruptured ACL" Child to Adult and OA Knee Evidence Based Treatment

Guest Speaker: Mr Paul Trikha MBBS FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Mr Trikha is a highly skilled Consultant & Orthopaedic surgeon specialising exclusively in knee surgery and conditions of the knee, with a focus on knee preservation. In this webinar Mr Paul Trikha gives an interesting two part presentation concentrating on two key topics. Topic 1: "The Ruptured ACL" Child to Adult where he will be covering clinical examination, review of treatment guidelines, rehabilitation - reconstruction and repair. He will also look into prevention strategies and review with a focus on the treatment review for children: prepuberty to adolescent. Topic 2: OA Knee - Evidence Based Treatment covering a review of evidenced based treatments, are we doing enough physiotherapy and rehabilitation and the role of injections, steroids, PRP and "stem cells".


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Related documents

Expert Consensus | MSK Pathway

Conservative Management in Multi-Ligament Knee Injuries

Guest Speaker: Mr Adil Ajuied BSc MSc MB BS FRCS (Tr & Orth )

Mr Ajuied has worked as a Consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ specialising exclusively in Knee surgery,since February 2009. Mr Ajuied now lectures and instructs nationally and internationally on topics relating to knee surgery.

In this KOL webinar Mr Adil Ajuied Consultant Knee Surgeon will give an overview on the challenges and treatment of Multi-Ligament knee injuries, current pathways for treating Complex Knee injures which include the risk of over and under treating.  He will then go on to present the benefits clinically and economically of a new pathway for the treatment of Complex Knee Ligament injuries seen within the trauma setting.


Kosy et al, 2018 | BOA Standards for Trauma: Management of Arterial Injuries Associated with Fractures and Dislocations. 2014 | Chowdhry et al, 2019

Painful, Non-Traumatic Disorders of the Hip

Guest Speaker: Dr Christian Inngul MD, Ph.D

Dr Christian Inngul is a consultant hip and knee arthroplasty surgeon at the Sophiahemmet hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Until 2019, when Dr Inngul left the Swedish national health system, he worked at the Södersjukhuset in Stockholm where he was a senior consultant and mainly working with revision hip and knee surgery with a special interest in periprosthetic joint infections and surgical treatment of major bone loss.

In this webinar, Dr Christian Inngul will discuss OA of the hip with emphasis on examination and treatment options. He will also discuss the concepts of FAI and DDH as precursors of the development of hip OA.


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Rotator Cuff Tears in Lockdown Webinar

Guest Speaker: Mr Neil Jain FRCS (Tr & Orth)

In this webinar Mr Neil Jain Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from the Pennine Acute NHS Trust will give an overview on the anatomy of the shoulder, some top tips in examination and differentiating between chronic and acute tears. He will then go on to discuss the treatment options available for both, surgically and conservatively.


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How to Handle Knees in the Current Covid-19 Crisis Webinar

Guest Speaker: Mr Ian McDermott MB BS, MS, FRCS (Tr & Orth), FFSEM (UK)

Mr Ian McDermott, Consultant Knee Surgeon at London Sports Orthopaedics, will talk us through the topics on the agenda below, highlighting what to look out for, when to still refer and how we can all still help people with knee issues cope during the current crisis.

Everyone is suffering significant difficulties during this terrible COVID crisis, particularly during this current period of lockdown. Importantly, however, people don’t stop having medical problems and they don’t stop injuring themselves. Indeed, we’re currently seeing a mountain of ’non-emergency’ problems building up, with only limited opportunity to deal with them as we normally would, under normal circumstances.

Purely focusing on knees:

  • What conditions are actually considered ‘urgent’ or ’time-critical’?
  • What things can we still treat?
  • What are the red flags that need to be looked out for?
  • How can we all best manage patients’ knee issues during this difficult time?


Roos, 1998 | Frobell, 2013 | Sri-Ram, 2013 | Everhart, 2019

Guidelines for Virtual Patient Assessment


Knee OA & Physiotherapy Webinar

Guest Speaker: Prof Michael Callaghan Ph.D., M.Phil., MCSP.

Professor Michael Callaghan is a professor of Clinical Physiotherapy  at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is at the cutting edge of osteoarthritis research through both Research into Osteoarthritis Manchester (ROAM Group) in is the principal investigator for the NIHR funded Prop OA trial. In this webinar he discusses the evidence base surrounding Physiotherapy, exercise and bracing for patients affected by osteoarthritis. Chaired by Giles Leeming our Clinical Specialist Orthotist from Össur Academy North Europe this interactive session seeks to further your knowledge on what is current in the field.

Unloader One X Launch Webinar

Presented by Giles Leeming, Össur Clinical Specialist, and Peter Gill. The Unloader One X webinar takes you through the conservative management options for Knee OA and highlights the features and benefits of the new addition to the Unloader family, the Unloader One X.

Introducing the new Unloader One X Knee Brace

Stewart Hogg and Peter Gill from Össur will be taking us through the introduction of the new Unloader One X. The next step in innovation for conservative management options for Knee OA. The order of the night will be as follows:

  • 19:00 - Introduction to the new Unloader One X
  • 19:30 - Unloader One X fitting workshop
  • 20:00 - Finish and Q&A

An Evening with Össur and London Sports Orthopaedics Webinar

For the first time Össur webinars will be broadcasting with a live audience from London Bridge Hospital. Mr Ian McDermott, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at LSO and Honorary Professor Associate at Brunel University, Dr Kal Parmar, Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine and our very own Giles Leeming will be taking us through the conservative management options for Knee OA. The order of the night will be as follows:

  • 19:00 - Conservative Management of Knee OA and the Role of Braces - Mr Ian McDermott
  • 19:30 - Joint Injections - Dr Kal Parmar
  • 20:00 - Unloader One and Practical - Giles Leeming
  • Q&A

Miami J Select and Miami TLSO Webinar

Össur is proud to announce the new product launch of the Miami J Select and Miami TLSO. To accompany this product launch, we will be running a one-off live webinar to present and demonstrate a live fitting of both products.

During the webinar Giles Leeming will be taking us through the two brand new products, the Miami J Select and the Miami TLSO. There will be a presentation which will run through basic spinal anatomy moving into the product presentation of the Miami J Select and the Miami TLSO. You will gain an understanding of how these work, their features and then Giles will run through a live demonstration on fitting both products.


  • Össur Webinars introduction
  • Anatomy and product presentation
  • Live fitting session
  • Q&A

Non Operative Treatment of Sports Injuries Webinar

Presented by Giles Leeming and guest speaker, consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Neil Jain. The non operative treatment of sports injuries webinar is designed to offer you expert input from from Mr Neil Jain who is a specialist in knee and shoulder injuries, is well regarded for his research and has presented at over 100 national and international conferences including FIFA World Congress. The webinar covers topics like:

  • Sports injuries
  • Diagnosis techniques
  • Treatment techniques
  • Q&A

This webinar is targeted at anyone who would like to know more about the non operative treatment of sports injuries from an expert in the field.

PCL Injuries and Rehabilitations Webinar

Presented by Giles Leeming and guest speaker, physiotherapist Doug Jones. The PCL Injuries and Rehabilitation webinar is designed to offer you an introduction into the sizing, fitting and adjustment of the product, namely:

  • Indications for use
  • Rebound PCL sizing
  • Rebound PCL Fitting
  • Adjustments
  • Troubleshooting

This webinar is targeted at anyone who either deals with PCL injuries or patients who are using the Rebound PCL to improve a patient’s experience.

Smart Measure Custom Knee Bracing Webinar

Presented by Giles Leeming, the Smart Measure Custom Knee Bracing webinar is designed to offer you an introduction into the measuring, sizing and ordering of a custom brace using the Smart Measure app, namely:

  • Ordering Process
  • Measuring the Leg
  • Taking and uploading the photos
  • Submitting the order
  • Troubleshooting

This webinar is targeted at anyone who either orders custom knee braces or would like to.

Unloader One® Advanced Fitting Webinar

Presented by Giles Leeming and Peter Gill the Advanced Unloader One Fitting webinar is designed to offer you an introduction to the Unloader One, namely:

  • Indications for use
  • How to fit the Unloader One
  • Gait dynamics
  • Advanced Unloader One fitting with accessories
  • Troubleshooting

The webinar is targeted at anyone who either fits the Unloader or sees patients wearing the Unloader and may wish to improved a patients experience.

Advanced ReSolve® Halo Webinar

Presented by Giles Leeming and Peter Gill the Advanced Resolve Halo webinar is designed to offer you an introduction into the sizing, fitting and adjustment of the product, namely:

  • Indications for use
  • Resolve Halo Ring and Resolve Halo vest sizing
  • Resolve Halo Fitting
  • Adjustments
  • Troubleshooting

As we all know training on the Resolve Halo System is very valuable and this webinar is targeted at anyone who either fits the Resolve Halo or supports patients wearing the Resolve Halo and may wish to improve a patient’s experience.