Better Together

Össur Legs allow you to focus on the most important thing which is user care. You have the ongoing drive to improve people’s mobility, like we do too. Building and maintaining relationships are the key elements and are the heart of your business.

So why would you spend time on things that distract you from these essentials? Time and resources are valuable; you can only use them once. Let us help you to optimise the way you manage your business and to be more efficient when it comes to your time and resources. It is our goal to unburden you and help you find the right balance between being cost efficient and improving your user’s health.

Positive impact on user outcomes

As a health care professional you know what it takes to have a positive impact on the outcomes of your users. At the same time it can be challenging and very time consuming to manage everything else involved, so let us help you to lower that operational burden. With Össur Legs we support you to keep your focus on user care and the best possible outcomes.

High standard of quality

Enable your users to achieve their full potential with products tested beyond the industry standards with Össur services such as technical and clinical support, easy returns and warranties.

Tailored solutions for each need

Deliver adapted solutions to meet your users expectations thanks to a complete range of transfemoral and transtibial solutions for low, moderate and active users.

Innovative Bionic solutions

Our bionic knees and foot enable your users to benefit from advanced prosthetic technologies to walk with confidence.

Increase user satisfaction

We offer solutions for all your users, regardless of their activity level. From optimising the post-operative phase to supporting in the rehabilitation phase. And from the rehabilitation phase to the definitive solution and finding their way back to a life without limitations. This way you ensure your users of a high and consistent quality prosthetic provision in every phase, by making use of proven and premium solutions.

Focus on your user

Spend less time matching and purchasing components, instead focusing on spending more quality time with your users.

Safety and compatibility

Clear product liability, proven compatibility and safe configurations, with use of CE marked components including an MDR certificate.

Better for the planet

Choosing an Össur Leg is choosing a carbon neutral solution. We are committed to improving our efficiency and reducing gas emissions.

Increased Efficiency

We help you to spend less time on finding the right products for your users by offering digital configuration and ordering tools, based on your user's profile. Össur products are designed to work together. You are ensured safety and compatibility, and you don't have to worry about the liability. In addition, you receive all products in one box to help you streamline the production and assembly process.

Quick and easy ordering processes

Digital order solutions and user specific solutions using a configurator to help you find the right solution for each user. Product and service notifications to support you in managing each user’s lifecycle.

One single shipping

Choose to receive all your Össur Leg products and components at once. The best news: it doesn't take more time to get to your workshop, we still guarantee a 48h delivery.

One single invoice

One supplier, one package, one invoice.

Do you want to learn about the benefits for you?

Many times a challenge consists of multiple issues, which requires a broad approach. We invite you to unravel the challenges that you face, together with us, by identifying the requirements to bridge the gap to the current state and the future.

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