Össur has developed mobile control apps for both i-Limb & i-Digits wearers and clinicians. Our user app is called my i-Limb and biosim™ is our clinician app. These convenient mobile apps allow users to quickly and easily access additional grips and settings, without having to connect to a computer. 

Mobile control app features:

  • Effortlessly program an i-limb prosthesis with the single tap of your mobile device 
  • Instantly access to up to 24 grips
  • Program up to 12 custom my grips based on user's preferences
  • Create favourite lists to tailor collections of features and triggers customized for your daily needs
  • Activate a hand health check to verify the i-Limb is functioning properly
  • View muscle signals via a real-time graph
  • Apply firmware updates as they become available
  • Adjust advanced settings such as the control strategy, assigning triggers, and modifying digit timing (available in clinician app only)

Download on the app store

The apps are available for download in the Apple App store and can be downloaded onto the iPod Touch that is provided with an i-Limb purchase.* For information on compatible devices and tips for using the mobile apps, view our app guides below.

my i-Limb

Provides users with the flexibility to customize their prosthesis while on the move.


Provides clinicians with the flexibility to customize their client's prosthesis while on the move.

i-Limb QR Codes

Quickly download or share custom my grips among the fast-growing user community.

*Conditions apply