Relieving Stress & Deferring Surgery

In the video below, we discuss how the Unloader One X brace can defer surgery and relieve stress.

How does the Unloader Knee Brace work?

Unloader braces unload the affected, painful side of the knee using a 3-Point Leverage System. The thigh and calf shells account for two points of leverage, while the Dynamic Force Strap (the diagonal strap above the knee) provides the third. This system "unloads" the pressure from the affected area, providing a reduction in pain. Unloader knee braces feature a lightweight, low-profile design, which is barely noticeable, and fits discreetly under clothing. Utilising the SmartDosing® dial with Boa® technology, it provides you with a simplified, single hand dosing dial for on-the-fly adjustability, helping you better manage unicompartmental OA knee pain.

View the features of the Unloader One X below or Find a Clinic near you to determine which Unloader brace is right for you.

Features and Benefits of the Unloader One X Knee Brace

Unloader One X provides pain relief and increases mobility, using a three-point leverage system to offload the joint for osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears. Watch this video to discover more about the Unloader One's features and benefits.