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Össur Embrace

We have partnered with clinicians to create Embrace, an email support program designed to provide you with all the information and resources you need to fully benefit from your Össur bracing solution.

How the Embrace journey supports you:

  • Fitting videos
  • Troubleshooting & maintenance tips
  • Priority access to new products and upgrades
  • User case studies & testimonials
  • Information on your condition

Talk to your doctor today to sign up!

See all braces available in the Embrace program:

The Embrace program supports a wide range of Össur braces and patient indications, including knee osteoarthritis, knee ligament instabilities as well as other knee injury solutions. You will receive timed, brace specific emails that provide support throughout your journey.

CTi® Knee Braces

  • CTi
  • CTi Custom
  • CTi OA
  • CTi Mission (Coming Soon)
  • Paradigm®
  • Extreme (Canada Only)

Rebound® Braces

  • Rebound Cartilage & Rebound Cartilage Custom
  • Rebound DUAL & Rebound DUAL Custom
  • Rebound DUAL ST & Rebound DUAL ST Custom

Unloader® Braces

  • Unloader Hip
  • Unloader One X & Unloader One X Custom
  • Unloader Custom
  • Unloader One SD & Unloader One SD Custom
  • Unloader One Original & Unloader One Original Custom

Formfit® Braces

  • Formfit OA Ease
  • Formfit Pro Knee OA

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Find educational resources for O&P professionals, including research, clinical studies, CEU courses, webinars, orthotic training, & more.

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