CEO and Executive Management

Jón Sigurðsson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Össur President and Chief Executive Officer since 1996, born 1956, resides in the United States. He is a board member of Vitrolife AB and chairman of the Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce. Jón was the Commercial Counselor for the Icelandic Trade Council in New York (1992- 1996), Chief Financial Officer at Álafoss (1989-1991), Head of the International Division of Eimskip (1986-1989) and an Engineer for Bang and Olufsen Denmark (1982- 1984). Jón holds a Bachelor. degree in Industrial Engineering from Odense Technical College in Denmark and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the United States International University in San Diego. He has no interest links with the Company’s main clients, competitors or major shareholders.

Jón's experience as a member of the Board of Directors in other companies/organizations includes:

  • Vitrolife AB since 2015
  • The Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce since 2012
  • Rio Tinto Alcan Iceland 2003-2015
  • The Icelandic Chamber of Commerce 2002-2012
  • Reykjavik University from 2002-2009
  • Samherji hf. from 2002-2006
  • The Icelandic Trade Council from 1997-2003
  • Research Liaison Office of the University of Iceland from 1996-2001

Jón and his related parties hold 660,708 shares in the Company.

Egill Jónsson

EVP of Manufacturing and Operations

EVP of Manufacturing and Operations, born in 1957, resides in Iceland. Has been with Össur since 1996, and led the division from that period. He was formerly a Project Manager at VGK hf, an Engineering firm in Reykjavik (1985-1996). Egill holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University in Copenhagen, DTU (1984).

Egill and his related parties hold 822,749 shares in the Company

Gudjon G. Karason

EVP of Clinics

EVP Clinics since November 2017, born in 1969, resides in Sweden. Gudjon has been with Össur since 1998, and has since then worked in R&D, Marketing, Sales and Clinics in multiple positions. Prior to joining Össur Gudjon worked as Development Manager for a couple of smaller industrial companies in Iceland. Gudjon holds a CS degree in Mechanical Engineering and a M.Sc. degree in Engineering from the University of Iceland with parts of his studies conducted in KTH in Stockholm.

Gudjon holds 42,743 shares in the company.

Margrét Lára Friðriksdóttir

EVP of Human Resources and Corporate Strategy

EVP HR and Corporate Strategy, born in 1978, resides in the United States. Margrét has been with Össur since 2000 in various roles. Margrét holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Management and Strategy from the University of Iceland.

Margrét holds 14,100 shares in the Company.

Kim de Roy

EVP of Research and Development

EVP R&D, resides in Iceland. Kim holds Master’s degrees from the University of Leaven, Belgium, in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and Education. He also holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Kim joined Össur in 2002 and spent 5 years in R&D working on various development projects in both Prosthetics and Bracing and Supports. He subsequently held several leadership positions in Sales, Marketing and Education in EMEA. Kim led Global Marketing & Education for Prosthetics, as well as the Prosthetics sales in the Americas for five years. Prior to joining Össur, Kim worked for RSScan International in Belgium for 3 years.

Kim holds 67,500 shares in the company

Ólafur Gylfason

EVP of Sales & Marketing

EVP of Sales & Marketing, born in 1969, resides in the United States. Ólafur has been with Össur since 1997; from 2001-2013 as the Managing Director of EMEA and previous to that in emerging markets. Ólafur holds a degree in Business Administration from Bifrost School of Business. He continued his studies at Alborg University in Denmark, graduating with a Master’s degree in International Business Economics in 1997.

Ólafur holds 9,517 shares in the Company.

Sveinn Sölvason

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer since May 2013, born in 1978, resides in Iceland. Sveinn has been with Össur since 2009, previously as Director of Treasury and Corporate Development. Prior to joining Össur he worked at Marel, Kaupthing Bank, Goldman Sachs and HSHNordbank. Sveinn holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting (Cand.Merc.FIR) from Copenhagen Business School.

Sveinn holds 25,000 shares in the Company.