The Adventure Ahead

When you have hip osteoarthritis, you want a solution you can rely on. Featuring a sleek, lightweight design, Unloader® Hip helps you take control of joint pain, quickly and easily, so you can hit the dance floor, take that golfing trip, or keep up with the kids.


Osteoarthritis: mild to moderate

Movement: low to average impact

Activities: walking, shopping, gardening, golf


Most people are likely to experience hip pain at some point in their lives, especially if you play sports or engage in strenuous activities. A common, but serious, cause of joint pain is osteoarthritis (OA), which is the slow deterioration of cartilage–the natural cushioning between the joints.

If you have been diagnosed with hip OA, you may want to consider wearing an Unloader brace, which relieves osteoarthritis pain by unloading the affected side of the joint.