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ÖWLI Archive

Sep/10/2019 Working Mothers in P&O Survey

​Please participate in the "Working Mothers in P&O" survey sponsored by the University of PIttsburgh

Sep/06/2019 Register for the ÖWLI Educational Webinar: "Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace"

Please join us Oct. 4 for the next in our ÖWLI Educational Webinar Series:  "Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace" presented by Nina Bondre, CPO.

Jun/11/2019 Showcasing your Extraordinariness

​In this month's blog, we offer advice on how to showcase your extraordinary accomplishments.

May/02/2019 Register for the ÖWLI Webinar Series: DiSC: Improving your Communication Techniques

​Join us Friday June 7 for an hour of exploration on behavioral styles and how a deeper understanding of yourself and others' styles will result in enriching your communication strategy.

Apr/24/2019 5 Ways to Be Extraordinary

​In keeping with the theme of this year's conference, Be Extraordinary, we are bringing you a series of blogs on how you can be extraordinary NOW. In our last blog, we reminded you to be extraordinary for yourself, for other women and to make the world a better place. This month, we bring you five actions you can take to get started.

Feb/25/2019 ÖWLI Webinar Series: Becoming a Leader and Team Builder

J​oin us Friday March 22 for the next installment of our quarterly ÖWLI Webinar series. In this session Joyce Perrone of De La Torre Prosthetics presents "Becoming a Leader and Team Builder."

Feb/11/2019 Be Extraordinary

The ÖWLI blog returns with four ways you can begin to be extraordinary in your own unique, super out-of-the-ordinary way.

Nov/27/2017 Women in O&P Leadership Series - JoAnne Kanas

​This month we continue with our Women in O&P Leadership Series and are proud to feature this year's winner of the OPGA's O&P Woman of the Year Award, JoAnne Kanas.

Oct/17/2017 Find the Leader in YOU!

​This month, we present guest blogger Heather Hoover, Director of Product Marketing, OA and Injury Solutions, at Össur. Heather shares insights into lessons she's learned as a leader within Össur.

Sep/25/2017 Women in O&P Leadership Series - Linda Collins

​This month we couldn't be more proud to feature our very own Linda Collins, Senior Director of Market Access for Ossur. Linda was also a finalist for the 2017 OPGA Woman of the Year, recently awarded during the AOPA Conference. Linda shares with us some insight into her background and her views on women in leadership.

Aug/22/2017 Women in Leadership Lead!

​This month, we welcome back guest blogger Marjorie Albohm. In her blog, Marjorie shares insights from the athletic training and sports medicine fields, and inspires us to keep working toward true equality in our profession.

Jul/25/2017 Disability Etiquette

It's very easy to look at our patient care skills and see that we are all doing a great job of making every person feel that they are getting the absolute best care. But what if you could take it one notch higher? That's where this version of disability etiquette comes into play. Guest Blogger Whitney Harris shares her unique insights in this month's blog.

Jun/25/2017 OWLI Women in Leadership Series

This month we continue our Women in O&P Leadership Series with featured leader Bridget Lawler, Clinical Director and CPO at Westcoast Brace and Limb, Tampa, FL.

May/23/2017 Negotiate With Confidence

​If the existing pay gap remains constant and you work an average of 40 years, you would make ~$427,500 less than your male counterparts. Guest blogger Julianne Gupta provides helpful tips to negotiate your salary with confidence to help reduce this gap.

Apr/23/2017 The Value of Mentorship

​Why is mentorship so important, and why don't more young professionals have mentors? Guest blogger Nina Bondre offers insight and suggestions on obtaining and working with a mentor.

Mar/23/2017 Women in O&P Leadership

Hello ÖWLI members and welcome to our March blog! We are honored to bring you the first in 2017’s Women in O&P Leadership series. This quarter we feature Ann Moss, President of Union O&P in Pittsburgh, PA. Union O&P has 11 locations throughout Pennsylvania, and we are thrilled to have Ann’s input on the O&P profession.

Feb/24/2017 I Have Nothing To Wear!

​We are very pleased to present this month's guest blogger, Össur's very own Linda Collins, Senior Director of Market Access. She writes this month on a topic we haven'​t yet addressed, but is often asked about:  professional appearance.​

Jan/26/2017 The New and Improved ÖWLI 2017

Welcome to a new year and to the start of an exciting year of growth within our initiative. We have changes and improvements in store to make ÖWLI even more relevant to you and to the O&P profession.

Dec/21/2016 I'm Awesome!

​We don’t always stop and give ourselves some appreciation for everythi​ng we do and accomplish. I hope you will allow me to give you a gift this year – permission to tell yourself how awesome you are!

Dec/21/2016 The ÖWLI 2016 Survey!

Help us make the Össur Women's Leadership Initiative as useful and relevant to you as possible by completing our very short, anonymous survey!

Nov/21/2016 A Leader's Guide to Surviving the Holidays (and Every Other Day)

No doubt by now the holidays and end-of-year pressure has most of us stressed and feeling pulled in many directions. So, how do we maintain control of our very full lives, reign in the chaos, and lead our employees, co-workers, and families through the next six weeks?  Here are four tips to help you do just that.

Oct/24/2016 The Company We Keep

You have heard the saying, “You are the company you keep.”  Do not underestimate the value of your company. We are all impressionable to ​some degree and why not surround ourselves with people who make a positive impression on our character?

Oct/03/2016 ÖWLI Webinar Series: Personal Branding 101

​Register today for the next in the ÖWLI Webinar Series:  Personal Branding 101, October 14, 12pm EST.

Sep/23/2016 Profile of Women in O&P Leadership - September 2016

​This month we continue our Profile of Women in O&P Leadership series in which we highlight a woman who is a leader in the O&P profession. This month we are pleased to highlight Nicole Soltys, CPO, Clinical Operations Manager, P&O, of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Aug/22/2016 The Unspoken Discrimination of Men (and why it Matters to Women)

We nearly always associate the terms “equality” and “inclusion” with women’s rights. That focus, however, has led to the myth that fighting for equality is a battle of the sexes where women win at the expense of men losing. But gender equality means, just that – rights for everyone.

Aug/04/2016 Last Chance to Register - Networking 101 webinar

​Join us Friday August 5, 12-1pm EST for the next in our free educational webinar series: Networking 101.

Jul/27/2016 ÖWLI 18-Month Review

​It is hard to believe our initiative has now been in existence for a year and a half. Our initiative is a smashing success and has accomplished so much over this short period of time. This month's blog provides us a great opportunity to review who we are, what we have accomplished and to share what our goals are moving forward.

Jul/22/2016 Register today for the Össur Women's Leadership Initiative Webinar: Networking 101

Join us Friday August 5, 12-1pm EST for the next in our free educational webinar series: Networking 101.

Jun/20/2016 Profile of Women in O&P Leadership - June 2016

​This month we continue our Profile of Women in O&P Leadership series in which we highlight a woman who is a leader in the O&P profession. This month we highlight Angie MacGregor, CPO, Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist, and Clinic Manager of Hanger in Dallas, TX.

Jun/13/2016 Announcing the Össur Women's Leadership Conference, Sept. 15-17, 2016

​Register today for the Össur Women's Leadership Conference, Össur Orlando campus, Sept, 15-17, 13.75 CEU's

Jun/06/2016 Register for the ÖWLI ONLINE Book Club!

​Register today for the ÖWLI Book Club - ONLINE!  This month's book will be "The Confidence Effect" by Grace Killelea, and our discussion will take place online over the week of June 17-24.

May/20/2016 Taking Charge in the Workplace

​This month we are pleased to have guest blogger Heather Hoover who brings us five tips for taking charge in our careers.

Apr/20/2016 You're a Good (Wo)Man!

​Guest blogger Josh Ross reflects on how having a son and a daughter has made him think about the unconscious ways we act differently toward each gender and the effects of those actions.

Apr/18/2016 OWLI Webinar: What Works For Women at Work

The Össur Women's Leadership Initiative continues our educational webinar series with a presentation of the video “What Works for Women at Work” by Joan C. Williams.

Mar/21/2016 Profile of Women in O&P Leadership - March

​This month we continue our Profile of Women in O&P Leadership series in which we highlight a woman who is a leader in the O&P profession. This month we highlight Brooke Artesi, CPO, LPO and owner of Sunshine P&O of Wayne, NJ

Feb/24/2016 Empathetic Listening

Empathetic listening is much more than note-taking and repeating what we just heard. How can we be truly empathetic listeners and provide higher quality care to our patients?

Jan/28/2016 Announcing the Össur Women´s Leadership Initiative Conference

Register today for the Össur Women's Leadership Initiative Conference Sept. 15-17, 2016 in Orlando, FL!​

Jan/20/2016 Five Steps to Developing Your Leadership Style

This month we continue our education on leadership by focusing on developing your personal leadership style  How do we develop a style that will be both respected and effective? Read this month's blog to find five tips to help you achieve this.

Jan/18/2016 Join us for the OWLI Book Club on March 4

​Join us for the second ÖWLI Book Club on Friday March 4, 2016. Our book will be “How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life,” by Joanna Barsh, Susie Cranston and Geoffrey Lewis.

Nov/23/2015 Influencing: A Necessary Skill in Business

​This month's blog is authored by Naomi Werner, VP of Human Resources for Össur Americas. As Kenneth Blanchard, leadership expert and co-author of "The One Minute Manager" said, "The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority." That sounds great, but what does it take to be influential, and how can you improve your influencing skills? Naomi tells us how.

Oct/26/2015 OWLI presents Selena Rezvani: "The Art of the Ask: Negotiating with Confidence"

​Össur Women's Leadership Initiative Presents Selena Rezvani: "The Art of the Ask: Negotiating with Confidence" on Nov 20, 2015 12:00 PM EST

Oct/21/2015 Owning Your Personal Brand

​One of the key first steps to advancing your career and moving into a leadership position is to establish your "personal brand." It means defining who you are and consistently selling your "brand" to those around you. However, some of the personality traits inherent to women, often make doing so an uncomfortable experience.

Sep/21/2015 Profile of Women in O&P Leadership - Susan Kapp

In this month's blog, we present our third Profile of Women in O&P Leadership feature in which we highlight a woman who is a leader in the O&P Profession. This month we highlight Susan Kapp, M.Ed., CPO, LPO, FAAOP, Associate Professor and Director of the Prosthetics-Orthotics Program at UT Southwestern School of Health Professions.

Sep/02/2015 ÖWLI Book Club - "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg

​Join us for a webinar on Oct 16, 2015

Aug/20/2015 The Strengths Women Bring to the O&P Profession

​Recognizing the unique talents we have in addition to our skills as practitioners validates that we have the right to speak up and ask for what we want, and that it is okay to have an expectation of equal and respectful treatment within the workplace. So, in this month's blog, we look at three of the unique strengths women bring to the field of O&P.

Aug/12/2015 A CALL TO ACTION!

If ever there was a time that our industry needed leaders, it's NOW!  With the dramatic pending changes to the Medicare LCD, we can all step up in our practices, in our state and in our nation to lead the battle to rescind the proposed changes. Here are ten ways you can take charge.

Jul/27/2015 Speaking with Authority

This month’s blog focuses on communication. More specifically, on how our word choices and the tone of our voice affects how seriously both we and our ideas are perceived.

Jun/19/2015 Profile of Women in O&P Leadership - June

​This month we are proud to present our second Profile of Women in O&P Leadership feature in which we highlight a woman who is a leader in the O&P Profession. This month we highlight Jocelyn Wong, MSPO, CPO at Independence Prosthetics and Orthotics in Newark, DE.

Jun/09/2015 ​Ossur Women's Leadership Initiative Presents Elizabeth Loverso: "Playing to Win in a Man's World"

 Join us for a webinar on July 10, 2015 at 1:00 PM EDT. 

May/28/2015 Ossur Women's Leadership Initiative Conference Interest Survey

We would like your feedback regarding your interest in new ways to provide education and to network.

May/20/2015 Effective Communication - Improving Your Presentation Skills

Whether in a formal business presentation or a one-on-one conversation with co-workers, your effectiveness in communicating is dependent upon several key factors. This month, Marjorie Albohm, Director of Ossur Academy for OA&I, gives us her tips for an effective presentation.

Apr/20/2015 Negotiating - From a Corporate Recruiter's Perspective

One of the top requests from OWLI members has been for advice on improving our negotiating skills. This month, Össur Recruiting Manager Craig Colligan offers an insider's advice on how to be not only the best candidate for a job, but also on how to negotiate for salary and benefits.

Mar/20/2015 Profile of Women in O&P Leadership

In the March edition of the Ossur Women's Leadership Initiative blog, we highlight Brittany Stresing, CPO. This is the first in a quarterly series of profiles of successful women leaders in the O&P profession.​

Feb/23/2015 Recognizing and Eliminating Unconcious Gender Biases

Recognizing common gender biases affecting women in the O&P workplace and steps we can take to eliminate them.

Jan/21/2015 Welcome to Ossur Women's Leadership Initiative!

Welcome to OWLI's inaugural montly blog. Read on for some interesting facts about women in O&P and the results of our survey.