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David McGill Blogger

Why CMS Fraud Prevention Efforts are Here to Stay

Posted by David McGill | June 14, 2013

CMS is pointing to stepped-up anti-fraud efforts as a key reason that ​Medicare's trustees recently extended the program's expected solvency by two years. By focusing on high-risk areas like DME, home health care and ambulance services, CMS revoked Medicare billing privileges for more than double the number of providers and suppliers over the last two years than it did in the two years preceding that.*

What does this mean for you?

CMS has repeatedly come under criticism for failing to prevent inappropriate payments. Combine that with multiple OIG reports focusing on orthotic and prosthetic claims over the last 24 months, and you have a perfect storm for continued close scrutiny of your claims.

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*Source: USA Today, Policing of Medicare Fraud Explodes Over Two Years, Kelly Kennedy, June 5, 2013.

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