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When do I use a GA Modifier?

Posted by Linda Collins | July 18, 2017

When do I use a GA Modifier?

The GA modifier is a "Waiver of Liability Statement Issued as Required by Payer Policy." The use of this modifier means that an ABN is on file. It indicates there is likely denial of item or service as not medically necessary.  A few points to keep in mind about using the GA modifier:

  • You must have a signed ABN on file before submitting the GA modifier.
  • Do not use ABN forms with every patient. Use an ABN when there is an expectation of claim denial due to lack of medical necessity.
  • A denied claim with a GA modifier will assign financial liability to the patient.
  • Using a GA modifier may increase the chances of the claim denial at initial processing.

Learn more about ABNS by downloading the pdf: here.

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