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David McGill Blogger

The Solution to Medicare-Compliant Claims

Posted by David McGill | May 22, 2013

You have spoken.

We have listened.

Medicare audits are killing the O&P industry. The situation is so extreme that AOPA recently took the unprecedented step of initiating litigation against CMS. But in the meantime, your business suffers under the weight of repeated au​dits and prepayment claim reviews.

Now, for the first time since the August 2011 OIG Report and infamous "Dear Physician" letters, you have a solution. 

What it is.

Ossur has partnered with HMG/The Audit Team, a company whose principals have more than three decades of experience in the world of O&P and DME. With a staff of experienced coding, clinical, and legal personnel, The Audit Team now offers its Quality Assurance Review package for Ossur's Bionic products. 

The Audit Team will review your Bionic claim before you submit it to Medicare. If any part of your claim doesn't meet Medicare's current requirements, their personnel will explain the deficiencies to you so that you can get exactly what you need in your file. If you are having difficulty retrieving necessary documentation from the physician, the Audit Team can even help you with that.

Once The Audit Team has certified your Bionic claim as "Medicare-ready," it stands behind that determination, handling the multiple stages of Medicare appeal through the Administrative Law Judge level. Finally, if the ALJ denies your claim on the ground that the Bionic device isn't medically necessary, The Audit Team's outcome guarantee kicks in. You get reimbursed by The Audit Team for nearly all of what it charged you.  

For information on The Audit Team's experience, service offerings, and fees, please call 888-833-3478, and ask for information about the Bionic Package. 

Ossur is proud to partner with HMG/The Audit Team. We hope you take advantage of this first-of-its-kind service.

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