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Quality Assurance Review $175 per patient

With The Audit Team – an Össur strategic partner – be assured your documentation complies with payer standards AND gives you the power to attack audits with confidence.

Know that you have the required documentation to back up a prosthetic claim prior to billing with the Össur Quality Assurance Review.

We Deliver

In the review, The Audit Team conducts a personalized analysis of your documentation to determine whether it meets compliance with payer standards. Within days, you receive a written “exhibit packet” to seamlessly integrate into your prosthetic claim. If you should receive an audit on this claim, the exhibit packet is appropriate to include in your response.


Össur and The Audit Team provide one general training session to ensure you understand coverage standards and that future claims are submitted consistently. However, you may attend as many scheduled sessions as you wish at no additional cost. Advanced and topic-specific training sessions are periodically offered.

Other Audit Team Services (additional fee)

  • Document Retrieval Assistance
    We contact the appropriate healthcare providers and obtain necessary medical records for filing the claim.
  • Audit Response
    We draft and submit an audit response to the auditor for a pre or post payment audit of claims approved within the Quality Assurance Review.
  • Appeals (RD and RC levels, ALJ, MAC)
    We draft and submit an appeal request from redetermination through Medicare Appeals Council for claims approved within the Quality Assurance Review.

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