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Proof of Delivery 1-2-3

Posted by Linda Collins | March 03, 2014

Results of recent audits indicate that a significant percentage of claims had incorrect Proof of Delivery (POD) documentation. Without valid POD documents, claims are subject to denial.

What does this mean for you?

Medicare requires a properly executed Proof of Delivery form to be a necessary component of the claim file. A supplier must obtain a signed and dated delivery slip, which includes the beneficiary’s name, delivery address, detailed description of the item(s) delivered, the quantity delivered, date of delivery and a valid signature.

According to Medicare’s Program Integrity Manual, there are three main methods for delivering an item to a beneficiary:

  1. In-person delivery to the patient
  2. Mailing/shipping the item to the patient
  3. Delivering the item to a nursing facility for the patient

In-person delivery

In this situation, you will obtain a signature from the beneficiary on the day you deliver the product. This date becomes the date of service on the claim.


When you use a shipping service to send products to a beneficiary, keep documentation showing the tracking of the package, proof of receipt of the package, and the detailed shipping invoice. Your delivery record must link to the delivery service record by some clear method like the delivery service's package identification number. In this circumstance, use the shipping date as the date of service on the claim.

When you deliver an item to a beneficiary residing in a nursing facility, follow the same guidelines outlined for an in person delivery. However, the nursing facility must maintain documentation of the item delivery and use by the patient. The date of delivery is the date of service on the claim.

Review your current forms and procedures regarding POD. Many billing and electronic medical record services offer Proof of Delivery templates.

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