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Prescription Order Requirements: Dates

Posted by Linda Collins | April 09, 2018

The DME MACs consolidated documentation requirements into one Local Coverage Article "Standard Documentation Requirements or All Claims Submitted to DME MACs" (A55426.) The article provides details about documentation on prescriptions, medical documentation, and proof of delivery.

The article lists specific requirements for dates on the prescription and claim. Pay attention to the details to avoid denied claims. Previously, we discussed the prescription requirements. As stated in the Medicare policy, someone other than the prescribing physician may prepare the final Detailed Written Order. It is common practice in the DMEPOS world for the supplier to create the order, list the items being dispensed, and send to the physician for signature and date. The Local Coverage Article states that when the supplier creates the order, there must be an "order date" and a dated physician signature.

What does this mean for you?

Check the standard DWO you use. Do you have a blank for "Order Date" on the form? If not, this needs to be added. It is the date you receive notice from the physician to treat the patient.

Be sure your physician signs and dates the prescription.

The Date of Service (DOS) on your claim is the date the item is delivered to the patient.

You may read the full Local Coverage Article here

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