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Ossur Innovation, Outcomes and Revenue Courses- 5.5 CEUs

Posted by Linda Collins | October 01, 2018

This course will cover how RHEO KNEE® and RKXC® provide increased functional outcomes for your patients; proper candidate selection and how to create a plan of action for documentation that wins authorizations and passes Medicare criteria. You will also learn strategies for implementing best practices that will increase your chances of obtaining coverage and reimbursement for bionic products.  

5.5 CEUS Offered

Presenters: Aaron Jacobsen, CPO; Linda Collins, Director

8:00am - 1:00Pm 


October 16, 2018 Boise, Idaho  

October 17,  2018 Tigard, Oregon


November 6, 2018 St Cloud, Minnesota

November 7, 2018 Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 8, 2018 Lincoln, Nebraska


Click on the links above to get more information about the course, location and to register.

 Space is limited so please plan to attend if you do register.

There is no cost associated with the course for clinical staff.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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