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O&P Billing Practices

If you wish that you had a preview to what RAC auditors will find in the event of an audit, look no further! Össur has partnered with experts in the industry to provide you with an unbiased assessment of your documentation efficacy and compliance in order to mitigate the potential negative impacts of an audit and provide you with the peace of mind that you are properly prepared.

  • Initial Conference Call
  • Set Expectations & Define Tactics
  • Surprise Audit
  • 1 Day On-Site Full Access
  • 2-Person, on-site audit team
  • Interview staff
  • Review patient files
  • Review processes and procedures
  • Review certifications
  • Review financials
  • Define Gaps & Next Steps
  • 2-Person, report out of findings
  • Written report featuring evidence based, proven practices and solutions is provided under a NDA between the client and GPM
  • Proposals for next steps

About Paul Gavin

Paul Gavin is the Practice Administrator of Ancillary Services for an orthopedic practice providing DME, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Physical Therapy, and Urgent Care. With over 20 years of O&P billing experience, Paul is succesful at maintaining compliance with all federal and state regulations. He is skilled at performing all aspects of a compliance program, from risk assessment through the implementation of the completed program.

Paul’s consultative services are available through Össur, to assist customers in developing consistent and successful billing processes, compliance programs and business tools.

Paul earned his B.S. at Pennsylvania State University.