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New Year: New Resources

Posted by David McGill | February 04, 2014

In 2013 Ossur R&R rolled out Reimbursement Guides for all of our Bionic products and the Unity vacuum system. Having grown a year older and, hopefully, a year wiser, we've now done a complete overhaul of these important resources.

Which products? ​

The new prosthetic Reimbursement Guides cover the following products: (1) POWER KNEE; (2) RHEO KNEE 3; (3) SYMBIONIC LEG; (4) PROPRIO FOOT; and (5) Unity.

Why redo them? 

At R&R, we're always looking to improve what we've done, even if what we already did was (we think) pretty good. But as we reviewed the 2013 versions, what particularly stood out to us was how none of them reflected how patients actually move through your practice. 

We wrote those guides from the perspective of a device manufacturer/distributor. This approach made them harder to successfully integrate into your daily operations. We believe the new and improved versions fix that shortcoming.

What's different?

You'll notice two key changes in the 2014 Reimbursement Guides.

First, we organize them around the concept of "patient flow," starting from when a patient enters your facility for the first time, moving through the pre-claim and claim process, and ending with appeals/audits/prepayment claim reviews, all of which occur after you file your claim.

Second, we've moved away from text-heavy, book-like documents, and towards a checklist approach. Want to know the right things to check on insurance intake? Look at the insurance checklist. Want to know how to interview a patient to obtain the right information to establish medical necessity? Review the patient interview checklist. Want to assess the applicability of the Bionic device or Unity for this specific patient? Look at our patient-to-product matching checklist. 

In short, we see the new Reimbursement Guides as tools that you can integrate into every patient claim for the specific product at issue to make sure that you capture all the necessary information and don't overlook anything important. 

To see the new Reimbursement Guides, click here​. Use them well!

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