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Linda Collins Blogger

New and Improved Reimbursement Resources

Posted by Linda Collins | March 31, 2015

As a subscriber to  Ossur R&R, you are able to access valuable reimbursement resources. We recently added new checklists and guides specific to OA & Injury Solutions products.

Check out the "Reimbursement Resources" section on the left-hand side of this page. Here you will find Reimbursement Guides for OA Knee Bracing, Rebound PCL Brace, and Custom Knee Bracing. These guides walk you through coding, coverage, documentation and appeals. In addition, there is a Spinal Bracing Reimbursement Guide with information about off-the-shelf and custom-fit codes.

The resources also include a checklist specific to coding and coverage requirements for AFO claims and a concise listing of the ICD-9 codes applicable to knee braces.  Finally, you will find a list of the Ossur products that have both an Off-the-Shelf code and a Custom-Fit code.

Stay tuned for new prosthetic reimbursement resources soon also!

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