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Linda Collins Blogger

New and Improved

Posted by Linda Collins | February 07, 2013

We have recently upgraded the R&R Bulletin. It now includes helpful links to various industry-specific sites and reimbursement resources such as checklists for AFO’s, spinal orthoses, and lower limb prostheses, all of which are consistent with newly-released Medicare requirements.

Under the “Helpful Links” section of the menu you will have access to the DME MACs, PDAC, Recovery Auditors, Medicare Coverage database and more. Additional links will be added in the future so check back often.

The “Reimbursement Resources” tab will take you to a listing of custom documents provided by Össur. The AFO Checklist includes specifics about the new height requirements and which products meet the requirements. The Spinal Orthoses checklist includes each requirement for claims submission as outlined by CMS. The Lower Limb Prostheses documentation checklist will aid you in gathering necessary information prior to claims submission. These documents are available for download and use by practitioners and billing staff.

The Össur R&R site also includes recently developed Reimbursement Guides for the Össur Bionic products: RHEO KNEE, SYMBIONIC LEG, PROPRIO FOOT and POWER KNEE. These comprehensive guides contain information about the product, its clinical application, published research and claims requirements. The guides also offer product-specific exemplar letters of medical necessity and detailed written orders. The final section of each Reimbursement Guide offers important tips on preparing an appeal to both Medicare and private payers.

One of the newest resources in the  “Reimbursement Resources” section is the Physician Worksheet for Prostheses. This novel tool helps Prosthetists communicate with treating physicians to gather the necessary corroborative documentation required by Medicare and, increasingly, by private payers as well. A Prosthetist can fill in the worksheet during the patient evaluation and send the worksheet to the treating physician along with a letter of medical necessity. The physician, in turn, can use the worksheet as a guide when writing/dictating clinical reports.

Össur also offers a variety of webinars, seminars, and symposia on reimbursement. Each of these events is listed on a calendar under the “Events” tab. The first reimbursement webinar offered by Össur will be a series of “Ask the Reimbursement Specialist” calls. Practitioners will have opportunity to submit pressing reimbursement and regulatory questions prior to the call. The Össur Reimbursement Specialists will thoroughly research the answers and present the information during the webinar. Watch the R&R calendar for information on dates.

In addition, Össur Reimbursement Specialists will be offering in-person presentations about reimbursement strategies. The presentation will focus on the A-Z details you can implement in your practice to assist in audit preparedness and decrease denials. Watch the calendar for a location near you or speak to your Össur Area Manager to schedule.

With the introduction of the Össur’s POWER KNEE, we will be offering a serius of symposia focused on clinical challenges facing transfemoral amputees, POWER KNEE function and rehabilitation potential, and reimbursement guides. CEU credits are available for each symposium. Watch the calendar on the R&R site for locations and dates.

Finally, in joint presentations with renowned lecturer and gait trainer Robert Gailey, PT, Össur’s Reimbursement Specialists will provide a detailed, interactive approach to constructing winning appeals for both Medicare audits and private payor claims. These events present a ground-breaking and holistic approach that integrates the worlds of claim processing, data collection, and patient care into a unified system necessary to operate in today’s reimbursement environment.

These are just some of the resources available to independent O&P’s from Össur, with even more new resources on the way soon. Watch the Össur Reimbursement & Regulatory Bulletin to stay up to date on these and other exciting announcements from Össur.

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