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International Prosthetic Symposium

Posted by Linda Collins | September 18, 2015

​On behalf of Össur Academy, we would like to invite you to the International Prosthetic Symposium featuring Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Solutions for the Low Active Amputee.

November 19 – November 21, 2015

Össur Academy, Orlando, Florida

Join Össur for a 3-day* program providing an innovative mix of modern day topics, with an important focus on the low active amputee. This symposium will help you understand the needs and challenges of this population, and also demonstrate the solutions available to improve patient outcomes.

This program includes invited speakers who are experts in their field, such as George Hipp, MD, Jeffry Pirofsky, DO, Chris Ireland, PT, DPT, OCS and Glenn Crumpton, LPO. Topics include: rehabilitation, prosthetic solutions, elevated vacuum systems, and post-operative solutions. In addition, the program will discuss factors associated with osteoarthritis and diabetes in low active amputees.

On the first night of the symposium, Dave McGill, Vice President of Reimbursement, will offer a reimbursement workshop " 3 Steps to Claims Success: How to Present Your Case Effectively."  In this hands-on workshop, participants will engage in exercises and drills to hone their claims-related skills, with a specific focus on writing an effective letter of medical necessity and an explanation of why that document is so important.

More information about the symposium and registration can be found at Össur Academy.

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