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Do Cervical Collars Require PDAC Coding Verification?

Posted by Linda Collins | March 18, 2019

When billing a product with a HCPCS code, it is vital to understand which products do require a PDAC coding verification prior to billing. Many items do require coding verification review by PDAC.

In terms of Cervical Collars, there is only one HCPCS requiring coding verification, L0174. This means that prior to billing a product with HCPCS L0174,  the supplier must check the PDAC website to assure the specific product and model number are listed. If the product has been reviewed by PDAC and listed on the site, the supplier must bill the HCPCS code assigned. HCPCS L0170 does not require PDAC verification.

You may research all codes on the PDAC site,, by clicking on the DMECS (Durable Medical Equipment Coding System) tab.

For more details about the PDAC coding verification process, read "Does a Product Have to Be Listed on PDAC?"

You can see a full list of products requiring coding verification review here.  

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