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Linda Collins Blogger

Custom Prosthetic Liners

Posted by Linda Collins | November 21, 2017

​When using a custom prosthetic liner, the prescription must indicate "custom liner" and the prescribing physician's notes must corroborate the medical necessity for the custom liner. While the LCDs do not specifically mention the criteria for custom liners, we can use guidance from other custom devices. In general, all custom devices, including liners, must have documentation detailing:

  • The condition necessitating the custom liner
  • Nature and extent of functional limitations
  • Physical characteristics requiring custom liner such as
    • Documented neurological, circulatory, or orthopedic status
    • Deformity of the leg or knee
    • Minimal muscle mass

The Össur Custom Liner Reimbursement Fact Sheet provides an overview of the codes to use for initial custom liner, replacement custom liners and sample medical necessity language.

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