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Achieving Optimal Prosthetic Outcomes in Physical Therapy

Posted by Linda Collins | March 03, 2016

Achieving Optimal Prosthetic Outcomes in Physical Therapy

Össur Academy | Orlando, FL

7199 S. Conway Drive, Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32812

This 2-day offering from Össur will provide education on the treatment of the lower extremity amputee. This will include relevant physical therapy topics such as acute post-operative management, techniques for gait training, and outcome measures. This course will also cover topics of prosthetic management, including a review of prosthetic components, socket volume management, and socket suspension. The main objective of this course is to expand the physical therapists’ knowledge of the lower extremity prosthesis in order to optimize their patient’s functional mobility.

April 22-23, 2016 | Register here.

October 7-8, 2016 | Register here.

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