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A New Resource From AOPA

Posted by David McGill | May 31, 2017

​Last week the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association introduced the AOPA Co-OP. Here's what you need to know:

  • The Co-OP is, for lack of a better term, a wikipedia that focuses exclusively on O&P issues. For anyone who has used Wikipedia themselves, the format and layout will look familiar, as the Co-OP is built on exactly the same platform.
  • Once within the Co-OP, content is broken down into 9 broad categories: (1) Medicare; (2) Medicaid; (3) VA/DOD; (4) Commercial Payors; (5) Data/Evidence; (6) Compliance; (7) State Matters; (8) Good Practices; and (9) Trending Topics. Clicking into any of these sections reveals a more specific set of subsections.
  • If there are specific areas of interest to you, the Co-OP permits you to "watch" a specific webpage. If anyone updates that page moving forward, you will receive an email alert and stay on top of breaking news.

What does this mean for you?

The AOPA Co-OP is the most comprehensive effort to centralize all of the information important to individuals and companies involved in the provision of orthotic and prosthetic devices to people with mobility impairments and limb loss/difference. The R&R team has used the resource and found it extremely helpful for locating relevant information quickly.

We also like the fact that the Co-OP permits two-way communication via the "suggest edits" feature. If you spot something that you think might be a trend from a particular payor, for example, you have the ability to flag that on the Co-OP and get a crowdsourced answer as to whether what you're seeing is an outlier or something that is also affecting other professionals. In that respect, the Co-OP could become an important tool for identifying and reacting to issues that may fly under the radar today.

In order to use the Co-OP, you must be an AOPA member. You can access this new resource under the "Coding/Reimbursement" tab on AOPA's website. We encourage you to check it out, as we think it is an excellent resource.

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