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David McGill Blogger

A New R&R Resource For You!

Posted by David McGill | October 02, 2013

We're pleased to announce that the Ossur Audit & Prepayment Claim Review Reimbursement Guide​ is now available for download on Ossur R&R. This guide walks you through all of the key elements to successfully tackle the complicated world of Recovery Auditor audits and MAC-initiated prepayment claim reviews.

The guide answers the following questions:

  1. What should you do first when receiving a RA audit or prepayment claim review? (Hint: it doesn't involve writing.)
  2. How do you clarify what the issues raised by the RA or MAC are?
  3. How do you identify the necessary evidence to support your response? 
  4. How do you organize your evidence? And,
  5. How do you draft a winning reply?

Using an actual prepayment claim review letter from Medicare, the guide walks you through a real-world scenario, up to and including an exemplar response to the MAC.

Practical, easy to understand and thorough, this latest Reimbursement Guide provides you a complete framework around which to organize your ever-growing pile of Medicare audits and prepayment claim reviews. Download it today!

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