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Empower123, Össur's comprehensive DME ancillary program management services, offers the latest advancements in inventory and billing software to help build a successful DME program.

Contact us at today to have our team of experts analyze your practice and current DME program to develop a DME strategy that is best suited for your particular needs.

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We work with you each step of the way!


Inventory Management

The Empower123 team will analyze your current practice and help streamline your inventory management process.

Using the best practices from some of the most effective DME programs across the country, both the Empower123 inventory software and our team of experts will help make the inventory management process simple and efficient.

Inventory management features include:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Mobile access, E-fax capabilities and PAR level notifications
  • Auto create and manage purchase orders
  • Warehouse specific
  • Track inventory on-hand and on-order
  • Comprehensive reporting

Billing Systems and Services

Empower123 provides the latest advances in software technology to support and manage your billing operations.

The Empower123 team will help keep you up-to-date on changes to billing codes, rules and regulations so that you can focus on your practice. Again, we make it easy.

Billing and features include:

  • Electronic claims submission and real-time patient eligibility
  • Print patient specific forms and track all LMN, ABN, delivery tickets
  • Electronic signature capture and interactive clinical forms
  • Voice dictation (supports 3rd party applications)
  • Detailed Reporting Module

Consulting and support

As we analyze your processes, systems and everything related to DME, we provide guidance that will streamline your DME business. And this doesn’t end – we provide ongoing analysis, continuous support and access to decades of experience that will help drive the success of your DME program.

Ongoing support guaranteed

Össur Empower partners have direct access to DME professionals and will receive on-going DME updates and support for the life of the partnership.


Meet the team

The Empower123 team is trained in best practices throughout the DME industry.

Empower123 makes it easy to improve the efficiency of your practice to better optimize your time, resources and opportunities.

Betsy Halwes, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Director, Empower Reimbursement Services

Betsy is a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer who brings 10 years of DME experience to the team. She has been a DME Coordinator and a Research Coordinator with the Physiatry group as part of a very large Orthopaedic Practice.

As part of the Empower team, Betsy has assisted with development of DME Ancillary Programs in various settings, including physician offices, O&P facilities, and DME companies. She uses her skill set to assist in workflow design, inventory control, and regulatory requirements to maximize DME Ancillary Program potential in these various settings.

Clarence Seay, LPTA, CoF

Empower Sales Specialist & Business Development

Clarence is a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant who brings 20 years of DME experience to the team. He has been a Regional Manager for DME Operations, a Vice President of Operations, and a Founder of a DME Management Company that specialized in Physician Revenue Sharing Models.

Clarence’s unique experiences bring a wealth of knowledge in DME distribution, coordination, and management as well as business development for revenue sharing models. He uses these experiences to develop and define a customer’s needs for their DME Ancillary Program.

Shauna Becker

Empower Implementation Specialist

Shauna brings 10 years of IT Healthcare experience to the team. While in her previous role as IT Applications Manager for a very large Orthopaedic Practice, she implemented two EHR programs.

As an implementation specialist, Shauna has assisted with strategy and workflow design from an inventory management perspective to maximize efficiency and assist with reimbursement in DME Ancillary Programs in varying markets.


We promise easy – that’s our goal and focus.