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Re-Flex Shock

Re-Flex Shock


Re-Flex Shock offers the best vertical shock absorption of all the Össur mechanical feet. With dynamic energy return and all around responsiveness the foot is a great choice for active users.

The composite spring in front provides optimal shock absorption that reduces impact subjected to the body. Enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities.

Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Daily activities involving gentle, steady walking with the use of a walking aid.

Example: Moving around at home, modest walking in the community.


Daily activities involving average walking with the ability to vary speed or walking pattern.

Example: Going to the shops, confident outdoor walking.


Daily activities involving fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.

Example: Heavy-lifting, manual labor, recreational sports.



Active Tibial Progression

CARBON-X® Active Heel

Full Length Toe Lever

Proportional Response

Split Toe

Vertical Shock Pylon



Note: Responsibility for accurate coding lies solely with the provider treating the patient. Össur assumes no responsibility or liability for the provider’s coding decisions. Össur’s coding suggestions rest on its best judgment and are subject to revision based on additional information or changes in the alpha-numeric system.

More Dynamic Solutions

Offering great energy return and the best vertical shock absorption of all Össur’s feet, this is a real heavy-duty foot for all sorts of activities and high-impact sports.

Jim Bonney and his Re-Flex Shock

Jim Bonney broke both his ankles in a mountaineering accident in 2001. The talus bone in his right foot refused to heal and doctors advised him that fusion was the only viable recovery solution. But then a meeting with an amputee ex Paratrooper triggered Jim’s subsequent research and ultimate decision to opt for elective surgery.

"As far as I’m concerned, my leg has to cope with sitting in an office, hiking across the moors and so much more besides. In order to get on with your life, you need a foot that will let you do just that – I’ve got lots of mountains out there to climb, seas to sail and rivers to paddle!"

Through sheer determination and tenacity he went on to prove himself capable of returning to operational service in the Royal Marines – the first lower-limb amputee ever to do so. Today, Jim heads up a unique new rehab organisation for amputees called Adventure Rehab (

"I’m sure there are loads of medical reasons why high-level shock absorption is good for your residual limb and the rest of your joints, but from my perspective, it’s simple. It’s all about comfort and reassurance. When I jump off a rock, for example, I prefer to land on my prosthetic limb these days, as I know the Re-Flex Shock will cope with it."

Watch Jim Bonney in Action


Re-Flex Shock Specifications

Re-Flex Shock™ Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:



Impact Level: Low to High
Categories: 1-9
Sizes: 22-30
Weight Of Foot: 1048g (37.0oz) w. Pyramid and Foot Cover
Build Height Standard: 210-238mm (8 1/4" - 9 3/8") w. Foot Cover
Build Height Tall: 260-293mm (10 1/4" - 11 1/2") w/ Foot Cover
Heel Height: 10mm (3/8"), 19mm (3/4") available on special order
Adapter Options: Male Pyramid
Flex Foot Characteristics:

active tibial progression


full length toe lever

proportional response

split toe

vertical shock pylon

Re-Flex Shock™ Features

Active Tibial Progression

Active Tibial Progression

Vertical forces generated at heel contact are stored and translated into a linear motion described as Active Tibial Progression. This action reduces the need to actively push the body forward using the contralateral foot and also equalizes stride length.

Benefit: More natural gait and reduced walking effort.

CARBON-X® Active Heel

CARBON-X® Active Heel

The Carbon-X Active Heel stores the energy during loading response as the amputee transfers his or her body weight onto the prosthetic foot. Energy is gradually released from the heel providing optimal return for forward progression of the limb.

Benefit: Reducing impact to the joints and residual limb thus increases comfort, reduces joint and limb damage.

Full Length Toe Lever

Full Length Toe Lever

The full length keel/toe lever matches the length of the sound foot, providing improved support to the prosthetic limb during late stance. It ensures that users spend equal time on the prosthetic foot and natural limb, thus providing improved walking dynamics and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Benefit: Improved walking symmetry and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Proportional Response

Proportional Response

The layering of carbon fiber, optimized through extensive computer analysis and mechanical testing, ensures that the deflection of the carbon fiber heel and forefoot components are proportional to the user’s weight and impact level.

Benefit: Customized construction optimizes walking efficiency thus reducing fatigue for the user.

Split Toe

Split Toe

A split toe feature allows the foot to adjust to uneven surfaces, allowing amputees to walk with stability and comfort on uneven ground.

Benefit: Helps to maintain balance, stability and reduces peak impact during loading.

Vertical Shock Pylon

Vertical Shock Pylon

The vertical shock pylon reduces impact to the residual limb, joints and lower back during daily activities. It also ensures a more energy-efficient gait by minimizing vertical displacement of the center of gravity.

Benefit: Protection of joints, the spine and stump by reduction of the shock loading.

Unity® - Sleeveless Vacuum Suspension

Unity offers the security and freedom of vacuum suspension, but without the sensation and restrictions of a sleeve. This advanced system from Össur effectively addresses volume fluctuation and is totally compatible with Flex-Foot technology.

Key advantages

  • No sleeve required: Greater mobility and user acceptance
  • 15-22 in Hg Vacuum: Effective volume stabilization
  • Simple design: Quick and easy to achieve/release vacuum
  • Independent pump: Foot function uncompromised
  • Light weight: Complete system weighs only 130g

Unity for all

With the Unity Vacuum System by Össur, there is finally an elevated vacuum system for all users. Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, the Unity Vacuum System offers the flexibility to combine a variety of Össur feet and knees to achieve the optimal combination of equipment for each unique user.

Unity is only recommended with sleeveless Seal-In technology 

Unity® Product Information
Amputation Level:
Impact Level: All
Foot Sizes For Unity: See Relevant Foot Specifications
Maximum Vacuum: -23inHg (600mmHg)
Normal Operating Pressure: -16-20 InHg
Added System Weight: 130g W/ Pump, Socket Valve And Tube
Foot sizes See relevant foot specifications
Unity® Order Form