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Mauch® Knee Plus

Mauch® Knee Plus


The Mauch Knee Plus is a heavy duty version of the Mauch Knee. Built on the same advanced technology, it was developed in order to accommodate the needs of users requiring a higher weight limit. A slightly different and more robust frame means that the Mauch Knee Plus offers all of the benefits of the standard Mauch Knee to patients up to 166kg (365lbs).

  • Single axis hydraulic knee system with swing and stance control (SNS®).
  • Designed for multi-speed ambulation.
  • Ultra durable Aluminum frame.
  • Durability and more secure motion.
  • Weight limit of 365lbs / 166kg.
  • Roller bearings at knee axis and cylinder attachment points for smooth action.
  • Yielding stance control.
  • Mode selector switch allows manual locking and free swing functions.
  • Universal 4-hole mounting patterns for versatile adapter options.
  • Option for through hole or threaded hole top bracket.
  • Low Swing Resistance kits and High Stance Resistance kits are also available.

Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Daily activities involving average walking with the ability to vary speed or walking pattern.

Example: Going to the shops, confident outdoor walking.


Daily activities involving fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.

Example: Heavy-lifting, manual labor, recreational sports.


Activities involving running, track and field, sprinting, and long-distance running.

Example: Track and field sports.


L5828 L5845 L5925

Note: Responsibility for accurate coding lies solely with the provider treating the patient. Össur assumes no responsibility or liability for the provider’s coding decisions. Össur’s coding suggestions rest on its best judgment and are subject to revision based on additional information or changes in the alpha-numeric system.

Mauch Knee Plus Specifications

Mauch® Knee Plus Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:


Impact Level: Moderate to Extreme
Maximum Patient Weight: 166kg (365lbs)
Weight Of Knee With Cylinder: 1.21kg (42.68oz)
Build Height: 210.5mm (8 5/16")
Knee Flexion: Max 125°