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Lil’ Angel® Halo

Lil’ Angel® Halo

  • Pediatric vests available with Lambswool , Kodel or Sorbatex lining
  • Sizes based on Broselow-Luten color sizing scale

More Spinal Traction

Why are the number of threaded holes so important?

A. Studies have shown that 13 - 28% of halo patients develop pin site infections. Bone remodeling is also possible. Either of these conditions may make it necessary to relocate the affected pin site. Ossur halos provide the most threaded holes, i.e., more options initially, and when pin relocation is necessary.

What is a Low Profile Superstructure, and why is it different?

A. Low Profile means that the uprights usually do not extend above the ring. Also, they are angled slightly so they don't project straight up from the vest. This means that ambulatory patients will be less likely to get "hung up" on door frames, car doors, etc. All Ossur halos utilize Low Profile Superstructures.

Order Information


Lil' Angel Halo
ProductBroselow-Luten ColorAgePart Number
Lil’ Angel Vest, P2 with Kodel Blue/Orange 2-6 years 545100K
Lil’ Angel Vest, P2 with Lambswool Blue/Orange 2-6 years 545100L
Lil’ Angel Vest, P2 with Sorbatex Blue/Orange 2-6 years 545100S
Lil’ Angel Vest, P3 with Kodel Green 6-12 years 545150K
Lil’ Angel Vest, P3 with Lambswool Green 6-12 years 545150L
Lil’ Angel Vest, P3 with Sorbatex Green 6-12 years 545150S