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Miami J® Advanced


Size it up. Coupling the same phenotype-driven system of the traditional Miami J with adjustable sizing, Miami J Advanced enables you to reduce your inventory without sacrificing a precise fit.

Best in class. Miami J Advanced is the only adjustable cervical collar that provides the clinically proven superior immobilization you expect from a Miami J product.

Avoid breakdown. Miami J Advanced combines soft, overmolded edges and breathable Sorbatex™ padding (see back panel) to inhibit skin breakdown and the formation of dangerous pressure points.

Less is more. Two distinctly-shaped pads — just one each for the front and back of the collar — makes skin care with the Miami J Advanced simple and intuitive.

 How often should pads be changed?

A. A good rule of thumb is once per shift in the hospital. After the patient is discharged, pads should be changed when the patient bathes, or approximately every 24 to 48 hours. Patients who are active and sweaty, or have body fluids, may need to change more often.

 Can I use powder with the collar?

A. It is better to keep pads clean. Powder will absorb perspiration and become pasty, making the pads difficult to clean.

 When should I get a new set of replacement pads?

A. It depends on how much wear and tear the patient is putting on the collar. As soon as they start to show wear a new set of pads should be used.

 Can I use bleach on the pads?

A. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. Mild soap and water should be sufficient. The collar was designed using materials that are easy to clean.

 Can I cut off the Assist Strap?

A. Yes, but this may make it more difficult for the patient alone to apply the collar. The Assist Strap is attached with a button, so if you wish to remove it, it may be unbuttoned. Then the Strap may be reattached later, if desired.

 Can I use just the front of the collar with the Assist Strap?

A. No. You need to attach the back piece to get proper immobilization and support.

 How can I tell if the collar is on correctly?

A. The words "Front" and "Back" are embossed on the appropriate pieces. Also, "Up" arrows are molded into the front and back pieces.

Order Information

Miami J Advanced Cervical Collar
NOTE: This product is recommended for single patient use. Do not reuse on multiple patients. Follow a qualified healthcare provider's instructions regarding usage and infection control.
MJA-101 Miami J Advanced
MJAR-101 Miami J Advanced with one (1) replacement set of pads
MJAP-101 Replacement set of pads for the Miami J Advanced