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Ligament Braces

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Rebound® ACL

The Rebound ACL brace is designed to apply a physiologically correct, dynamic force, optimum for functional rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures, whether during non-surgical treatment or following surgical reconstruction.

Rebound® DUAL

The Rebound DUAL knee brace delivers functional support for ligament instabilities, including ligament instability with osteoarthritis, in a single, versatile aluminum brace

Rebound® PCL

The Rebound PCL is designed to apply a physiologically correct dynamic force, optimum for rehabilitation of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, during functional (non-surgical) or post-surgical rehabilitation


Rigid carbon fiber frame provides optimum protection and maximum stabilization of the knee joint – with flexible subshells for off the shelf convenience.

C180 Rocket

With a condensed size and Accutrac™ hinges that are modified to more accurately track young knees, C180 Rocket provides support for children with ligament instabilities.


A viable post-op/functional rehab solution offering versatility in both shape and function.


Where a cage style brace is preferred, Paradigm is a low profile carbon fiber brace that provides firm control and has an anterior calf shell, eliminating "step through".

Rebound® Post-Op Knee

The Rebound Post-Op knee brace delivers controlled range of motion in an intuitive, quick-fitting design. With a variety of options available for universal, contoured left & right and pediatrics, the Rebound Post-Op knee provides a secure, comfortable fit to users.