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Power Safety Endurance


Unprecedented function and performance

The world’s first and only active prosthesis for above-knee amputees, this highly intelligent knee works as an integrated extension of the user, replacing true muscle activity to bend and straighten the knee as required.

  • Provides the power to help maintain walking speeds.
  • Assists with the upward motion required for stairs and inclines.
  • Learns and responds to unique patterns of gait for natural, efficient motion.

Sleek, quiet, easy


By providing powered extension and heel rise, the POWER KNEE mimics lost proprioception and muscle function.

In addition, it is now sleeker, quieter, easier to fit and use, and the improved battery technology allows users to experience the unique benefits of the POWER KNEE all day long.

For information on patient profiles, product specification and other support material, visit the POWER KNEE product page.



Designed to allow the user to perform more complex activities than previously possible, the POWER KNEE is unique in its capacity to generate power from within.

The outer design of the prosthesis reflects the anatomical shape of the leg just below the knee. Sensors and associated electronics – which process data, apply artificial intelligence and control the movement and power of the knee – are all strategically positioned within the knee and contribute to its overall shape.

Constructed from aluminum, the frame is strong enough to cope with the power generated by the knee. The battery pack is detachable and can be instantly replaced with a fully charged pack, so there is no need to recharge the unit as a whole. Securely positioned, it is also easily accessible to the user.