Össur’s largest impact on society is through the Company’s innovative products, research activities and expertise in the field of prosthetics and bracing and supports. Össur works with individuals, clinicians, and diverse communities around the world to support a better quality of life and increase the mobility of millions of people.

Össur believes it has a great responsibility towards people with impaired mobility, not only to design products that improve mobility, but equally to support third party initiatives to improve patient care and support. Proper prosthetic solutions allow amputees to become mobile again and live a life without limitations. Likewise, bracing and supports products provide hospitals and healthcare systems with alternative treatments which can postpone surgeries and improve mobility.

Improve access to healthcare for amputees

Globally, only 30-40% of new lower limb amputees are fitted with a prosthetic solution. The average age is between 65-70 years and vascular related amputations are above 70%. Statistics demonstrate that if amputees in this age group do not become mobile, life-expectancy is materially reduced. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits and more importantly, regular activity can improve quality of life. Össur is adding special focus on designing products that support the needs of this age group.

Goal 3 - Good Health and Well Being

Össur’s main initiative supporting Goal 3 on Good Health and Well Being is to design products that offer additional benefits for the elderly, increasing their independency and quality of life. At the end of 2020, Össur had already launched three products that are specially designed for this user group, and 30% of ongoing clinical investigations were related to this subject which will deliver valuable information and insights to further understand the need and potential benefits.

The numbers in the table below show the status at year-end 2020. As this is the first year Össur reports on these initiatives, these results serve as a baseline and next year will demonstrate the progress achieved.

Action & ProgressTarget2020 Status

New products specially designed for elderly users

4 new products by 2024


Ongoing prosthetic studies which will inform developers about the elderly customer group (Percentage of total ongoing studies)


Availability of Products* Availability of Products and services**



* Percentage of countries where Össur products are available ** Percentage of countries where Össur provides both products and services (direct sales)

Goal 5 - Gender Equality

Össur believes in diversity in its broadest sense and the importance of gender equality and women’s positive contribution to the workplace and the society. Main targets supporting this goal is to maintain an even gender split amongst employees (+/-10%), Increase management positions held by women, and continue to encourage greater diversity and inclusiveness in the industry.

Action & ProgressTarget2020 Status

Gender split among employees


(+/- 10%)

46% Female

54% Male

Female Managers (% of total number of managers)

YoY increase


Össur’s Women’s Leadership initiative (ÖWLI)

Encourage greater diversity and inclusiveness in the industry

Annual conferences* and webinars

6 webinars

* Annual ÖWLI Conference postponed 2020 due to COVID19

Össur‘s Women’s Leadership Initiative

Since 2014, Össur has been working on a Women’s Leadership Initiative (OWLI). The aim of the initiative is to encourage greater diversity and inclusiveness in the Orthotic and Prosthetic (O&P) industry. The program is intended to support O&P practitioners by providing a forum that encourages interaction, communitybuilding and educational opportunities that serve the needs of the growing number of women in the field. Currently, the initiative is focused on the US market, the Company‘s largest market.


  • Engage inclusively with both men and women to provide development support to female practitioners
  • Bring awareness to gender biases in the workplace and practices that promote diversity
  • Create a forum for female practitioners to network and provide support to one another
  • Establish a greater number of female role models for future practitioners
  • Create a positive and balanced perception of both male and female industry leaders

Annually, Össur hosts conferences supporting this initiative. Since the beginning all conferences and events have been well attended and well received by the industry. However, last year was challenging due to the pandemic and all events hosted were virtual. Among virtual evens in 2020 were six educational webinars, including two with panel presentations to replace the Annual OWLI Conference. In addition, two virtual book club events were held and two online networking events.

In 2021 further online events are planned in addition to an online workshop for Women in O&P which will be the first of its kind.

Audit on Equal Remuneration

Since 2014, Össur has conducted an external audit on the equal remuneration for equal responsibility. In 2016, Össur decided to follow an Icelandic standard on equal remuneration for equal responsibility, IST 85:2012, which is audited by BSI. Össur had its first audit under the IST 85:2012 in 2017 and was among the first companies in Iceland to be audited in accordance with this standard. In the Americas, salary surveys on all employees are conducted annually as part of standard compensation review procedures and in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Towards the end on the year it was decided to create a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council. This council will promote and work on gender equality matters as well as focusing on diversity in its broadest sense. During 2021 the council will map out current status and start to implement initiatives to further support and reinforce diversity, equity and inclusion within Össur.