Össur aims to minimize the Company‘s environmental footprint and takes its responsibility seriously. The company focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations, products and supply chain, and thereby contributing to both UN Sustainable Development Goals number 12 and 13.

We apply our core company values, Honesty, Frugality and Courage, in our approach towards sustainability. We show courage in setting ambitious goals but at the same time we are honest about where we stand, acknowledge the challenges we face and what we can improve. We apply frugality by using resources efficiently and minimizing waste in our processes.

Our Products

Reduce the environmental footprint of our products.

Our Carbon Footprint

Prepare and implement a plan for Carbon Neutral Operations at Össur

Our Supply Chain

Collaborate with our key suppliers on reducing their environmental impacts and improving their sustainability performance

Our Products

Responsible environmental management does not only apply to manufacturing and logistics, but also to what companies place on the market in the form of products and services. Throughout a product development phase, multiple decisions are taken that can affect the environmental impact of the company such as raw material choice, manufacturing methods, supply chain set-up and the choice of packaging methods and materials. Within Össur’s R&D department, the Product Stewardship project aims to reduce the environmental impacts of Össur’s products and packaging. This reflects the Company’s commitment to contributing to UN Sustainable Goal 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production.

Carbon Neutral Company

Energy and fuel consumption, transportation of raw materials and finished goods, business travel, and waste disposal are all part of the operations of a global manufacturing company, and all result in Greenhouse Gas emission. In recognition of the Company‘s commitment to sustainable development and to commemorate Össur’s 50th anniversary, Össur will be Carbon Neutral in 2021 for energy and fuel consumption, business travel, transportation of goods and waste generation. This represents direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and 2) and selected Scope 3 emissions, according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Össur will reach carbon neutrality by reducing emission and improve energy efficiency, source electricity from renewable energy sources and offset remaining emissions through VCS and Gold Standard projects to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Supply Chain

Össur acknowledges the environmental impacts within the supply chain and aims to control and minimize it. We believe in a step-by-step approach and the power of collaboration, and are continually working on improving the sustainability performance within the Company‘s value chain. We monitor electricity consumption from our Finished Goods Suppliers and include it in our scope for carbon neutrality.