The Company’s policy is to disclose financial and corporate information to provide investors, analysts and other stakeholders with comprehensive and accurate information in order to help them understand Össur’s current and expected developments.

At all times, Össur complies with relevant laws and regulations, as well as the disclosure obligations of NASDAQ Copenhagen. Össur adheres to the principle of equal treatment of all stakeholders.


All press releases and announcements are disseminated through a recognized distribution vehicle. Össur hosts investor meetings, teleconferences and Internet presentations following each quarterly report, and other momentous occasions, if needed. These communications are recorded and available on Össur’s website for at least two years. Furthermore, the Company meets interested investors and analysts on a regular basis.

Communication with Analysts

Össur maintains open communication with analysts. If the Company is asked to review an analyst draft report, or other analyst material to be published, the comments will be limited to the following:

  • Correcting historical data
  • Discussing general factors that might influence the operations of the Company
  • Providing general information about the markets and activities
  • Directing analysts to relevant and available information

Quiet Period

The end of a quarter up until the day of release of the relevant quarterly materials is considered a “quiet period.” For the full-year report, a period of four weeks prior to the release of the report is considered a quiet period. During the quiet period, Össur does not comment on matters related to financial results or expectations.

Comments on Sensitive Business Activities and Share Price Movements

Össur follows a firm policy of not disclosing sensitive information regarding development in sales, staff, R&D activities and other business activities that may compromise the Company’s competitive position in the market.

However, Össur will observe its obligation to disclose material changes in business and financial developments.

Össur does not comment on share price movements or fluctuations in trading volumes. The Company generally refrains from commenting on market rumors or speculative inquiries, unless required to do so by regulation.


Össur generally provides guidance to the investment community regarding expected future earnings, development of operations and the Company’s environment in its quarterly and annual reports. Such reports enable investors and analysts to better evaluate the Company and its prospects.

Össur does not comment on the likelihood that it will meet, exceed or fall short of equity analysts’ estimates, either on an individual or consensus basis. This applies in all phases of the quarterly reporting cycle.

Authorized Spokespersons

The President & CEO, the CFO and the Investor Relations Manager are authorized spokespersons for the Company. When deemed appropriate, or necessary, other staff within Össur may be designated by an authorized spokesperson to respond to specific inquiries.