First Steps with Power

With insights from Dr. Bob Gailey and Össur Academy's Kurt Gruben CPO, this site will guide you through the fitting and training of Power Knee.

Power Knee is a new and unique experience for prosthetists, therapists and patients alike. Through learning from over 15 years fitting powered prosthetics, Össur Academy has defined best practices to maximize positive outcomes. Please reach out to your Össur representative for additional clinical support.


  • Fitting Guide - Use this fillable fitting guide to track your patient's progress.
  • What to Expect - Consider allowing your patient to watch this "What to Expect" video while setting up their prosthesis.
  • Align on Goals - Align on the goals of the patient for the day of fitting and beyond.
  • Engage Everyone - Make sure to engage and educate family and caregivers supporting the patient.
  • Positive Energy is Contagious - Maintain a confident, positive energy throughout. This may be the most critical success factor for new prosthetists fitting Power Knee. Your patients will follow your lead.
  • Allow Space for Change - Understand that Power feels very different when someone is first walking on it. Don’t overwhelm the patient with too many questions or move too quickly through the training protocol.
  • Mind the Pace - Let them go at their own pace. If they are not getting something right away, sometimes it’s better to move on and come back to it.
  • Keep an Open Mind - Encourage the patient and family/caregivers to keep an open mind about the motor sound if they are concerned, focusing on the potential benefits during the fitting. Many people learn to appreciate the proprioceptive input over time.
  • Just Relax - It is quite common to see patients with established gait habits try and overwork the knee and fight against it. This is part of the process of restoring normal mechanics. Instruct them to “relax” and try and reduce compensatory motion, specifically overuse of the hip flexors in early swing.
  • Less is More - Most candidates should not be moving to the advanced training features on day one. Getting through either beginner or intermediate functions is a great success for most people.
Watch Kurt Gruben, CPO describe how to guide patients through their first steps with power.

Connecting to Össur Logic

Start by establishing a bluetooth connection

Initial Setup for Prosthetists
Fitting Sequence
Steps for prosthetists during initial fittings

Bench Alignment
Recommended bench and static alignment
Auto Adjustment
Establish baseline settings prior to manual optimization