Potential users or friend/relative of a potential user

How do I know if I am a candidate for a prosthetic device?

Consult a Össur Certified Provider. Specific criteria must be evaluated before being fit with a prosthesis

I know someone or I am affected by limb loss or deficiency. How do I learn more about being fitted with Touch Solutions products?

The first step is to find a local prosthetist and set up a consultation. Our Certified Clinician Finder is a great resource for helping you to locate a certified provider. Once the prosthetist has determined the individual is a good candidate for the i-Limb or Livingskin prosthesis, Össur will work directly with the practitioner to begin the process.

Are prosthetic devices covered by insurance?

This depends on the insurance system in your market. If available, your prosthetic team will work to submit the appropriate insurance claim information to the health insurance payer. Please contact your prosthetist to find out if the device is covered by insurance.

Is it beneficial to have both an active and passive prosthesis?

Yes, active and passive prostheses serve different purposes; however, they do complement one another. Consult your prosthetist to determine which solutions are most appropriate for you.

Where can I locate a Össur Certified Provider?

Visit the online Certified Clinician Finder to find a provider in your area.

Prosthesis wearers

How much charging time does my i-limb device need?

If you are using an i-digits device, you should charge your battery until a solid green light shows on the charger base. For an i-Limb hand, charge the battery until a green light shows on the wall charger plug-approximately 120 minutes for a 800mAh battery, 90 minutes for a 1300mAh battery, and 180 minutes for a 2000mAh battery.

I ran a Hand Health Check and it is telling me that my battery needs to be replaced. What do I do?

We recommend replacing your battery once a year for optimal performance. Contact your local prosthetist and he or she can order a replacement battery on your behalf.

I didn't receive an iPod with my device.

Please contact Customer Support with your serial number handy. We will determine if you are eligible to receive an iPod and ship to you as soon as possible.

I am experiencing difficulty when trying to connect my i-Limb device to my iPod.*

Close all apps on the iPod and then turn off the hand. Turn the hand back on, then wait for two minutes. Next start the my i-Limb app on your iPod. It should prompt you to connect.

What if the device needs repair? Is it covered under Touch CareTM?

Össur service and support package includes a warranty that runs from the original purchase date and is dependent on the device package purchased.  Please contact your prosthetist.

I am having trouble with my i-limb®. Do I need to send it in for service or repair?

Contact Customer Support and we will assist with troubleshooting to determine if the device needs service or repair.

I want to send my device in for repair. What do I do?

Please contact your CPO, who will be working with us to ensure your device is repaired and returned to you.

What is Össur's policy on servicing older devices?

It is Össur’s aim to ensure excellent care for our devices at all stages of the product life cycle. Our recommendation for patients wearing i-Limb devices that are over five years old is to explore options to upgrade to our latest technology. By providing these users with our latest technology they can enjoy all of the technological advances including important new features, improved durability and the coverage of Touch Care. As a CPO you can work with our reimbursement team which will to support you in determining the best path for your patient. In the rare cases where our reimbursement experts have found that the patient has no funding for a new device, we will work with you to either repair their existing device or find another suitable low-cost solution.

I have a potential patient and would like to request a demo hand. What do I do?

Please contact us at Customer Support with the details of your request and we will be happy to provide a demo device.

How do I program the i-limb hand or i-digits device?

We offer an app for both clinicians and users. The app for clinicians is simply called Biosim and the app for users is called My i-Limb. my i-Limb and Biosim control apps are available for download in the Apple app store and are compatible with the following Apple devices: iPod 5 or newer; iPhone 4s or newer; iPad 4th generation or newer; iPad mini.*

I am trying to download biosim and it is asking me for my customer code. Where do I find this?

The customer code is provided at the time of Biosim registration via the automated email you receive when you first activate the account. If you have misplaced your code, call Customer Support.

Livingskin - passive cosmetic prostheses

How long after surgery must you wait before receiving a livingskin prosthesis?

Depending on the extent of the surgery it is recommended that patients wait approx.. 6 months to ensure complete healing (6 months for hand; 3 months for fingers) and eliminate swelling prior to taking impressions. However, the authorization process can be started before your clinical appointments.

Is livingskin just a cosmetic prosthesis?

Absolutely not. The level of function varies with each prosthesis depending upon the type of device. Livingskin prostheses can perform non-manipulative activities, such as supporting, stabilizing, pushing and pulling. Finger prostheses and most hands can be positioned for use during activities such as typing.

Do the livingskin fingers move

This depends on the level of restoration. If the fingers are missing completely, then movement is limited. In some cases, an internal armature is inserted that can be bent into a desired position.

Can a livingskin prosthesis be worn all the time?

Livingskin users do not wear their prostheses when bathing, sleeping, or during activities that will be more strenuous on the silicone prosthesis. This includes activities such as guitar playing, sports, construction and auto maintenance. It is important to avoid oil-based products. Many hair and body products contain oils and should only be applied when not wearing the prosthesis. Refer to instructions for use for more detailed information.

How long does a livingskin prosthesis last?

The life expectancy of a Livingskin prosthesis depends on how it is used and maintained. With proper care and normal use, the average lifespan is 2 to 4 years. If a duplicate prosthesis is purchased at the same time, this can help to prolong the life of both pieces - alternating use can help manage the wear on a device.

How does the livingskin prosthesis stay on?

Most livingskin finger, hand, and foot prostheses are suspended by suction. When suction suspension is not possible, a combination of other methods is used.

Do I need to use the donning lubricant each time I use the livingskin prosthesis?

Prostheses such as above and below elbow devices do not require the use of a lubricant.

Can fingernails be shaped and painted on a livingskin prosthesis?

Depending on which Livingskin product you select, it may be possible to provide the prosthesis with your preferred nail shape. If the nails are acrylic, you will be able to paint your nails. You must use a NON-ACETONE nail polish remover.

Can hair be incorporated into the livingskin prosthesis?

Yes, people with significant body hair can request DermaHair. Our custom matched, synthetic, non-removable hair can be incorporated into their prosthesis. The DermaHair is embedded within the top layer of the Livingskin, therefore it cannot fall out or fade away. This feature must be specified prior to the manufacturing process, and there is an additional cost to have it included in the prosthesis.

Will the livingskin prosthesis stain?

The silicone used to make a Livingskin prosthesis is virtually stain proof. However, since there are many new chemicals and products that have not been tested, caution must be exercised when coming into contact with these materials. Some products to avoid are blue Woolite, carbon paper, unwashed clothing and fabrics, and certain leather tanning products.

Is there a warranty on a livingskin prosthesis?

Yes, each Livingskin prosthesis is covered by a 1-year warranty when proper and adequate care is given to the prosthesis. A 2-year  warranty applies when a duplicate prosthetic device is provided at the same time, and the devices are worn alternately to avoid excessive wear.

What should I do if I tear or damage my livingskin prosthesis?

Never attempt to glue or repair the prosthesis yourself. Please call your local practitioner before sending the prosthesis back for repair.