The Össur Arms program offers high-quality custom fabrication for full hand and partial hand technology. With Össur Arms, you’ll spend less time searching for, purchasing and collecting parts, and fewer night and weekend hours in the lab. Instead, you can focus your attention on seeing more patients and providing better patient care.

New standardized packages provide:

  • A simplified ordering process
  • Cost control to improve practice profitability
  • Frees up your time, to allow you to focus on providing superior clinical care to your user
  • Ability to deliver high quality prosthesis supported by a dedicated team specializing in upper limb care

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i-Digits Pre-Authorization Trial

Following i-Digits Certification from Össur Academy Ohio, you can have access to our i-Digits PAT program that helps accelerate fitting and training for patients that will use i-Digits. This is a complimentary, no-risk program for your clinic. The i-Digits PAT program is designed to demonstrate possible patient outcomes, as well as the patient's commitment to training and therapy.