Össur + CAF Mobility Clinic in Denver

July 24, 2021 | Denver, CO

“Before I knew about CAF I was basically winging everything. When I came to a CAF mobility clinic they taught me how to properly run and for that I'm forever grateful!”

Jesse - Clinic Attendee

We’ve teamed with the Challenged Athletes Foundation for the past 20+ years hosting running and mobility clinics.  Held several times throughout the year, these free clinics provide opportunities to learn techniques from world renowned gait experts, Össur athletes and CAF mentors with the goal of helping you move better, easier and more confidently with your prosthesis.  But more than instructional sessions, they are inspirational and supportive forums that connect people of all ages and abilities.  Our commitment to health, fitness and mobility reflects our belief that everyone – no matter their ability - should have an opportunity to thrive in the activities and sports they love. 

At this clinic you will:

  • Maximize your potential through movement and mobility.
  • Learn from world renowned mobility and gait experts.
  • Connect with like-minded people in a community of athletes, families, clinicians and experts and build life-long relationships.
  • Receive mentorship and guidance from Össur and CAF ambassadors and clinical experts.
  • Individuals with limb loss of all ages and ability levels are welcome.
  • Learn more about nutrition, strength, conditioning and balance to support an active lifestyle.

Please note: the total number of people allowed to attend any given Mobility Clinic may be somewhat limited as we continue observing local health, safety and social distancing requirements.

What Are You Capable Of?

Get Active

Get hands-on experience during half-day sessions. Gait-training experts Bob Gailey, PhD, PT, of the University of Miami, and Peter Harsch, CP, will teach attendees how to walk and run in a fun and encouraging environment. You’ll learn functional gait techniques to maximize prosthetic capabilities and movement in multiple directions. You’ll even learn more about nutrition, strength, conditioning and balance to support your active lifestyle.

Be Empowered

Want to explore higher activity levels? Our experts will teach you safe ways to improve speed and balance and practice leg-over-leg running mechanics and training skills for activity-specific exercises. During each event, you’ll be paired with a clinical volunteer, who will provide personalized guidance, training routines and more.

Meet Our Experts

Clinic Location

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a running prosthesis participate at an Össur & CAF Mobility Clinic?

No! Our clinics are designed to improve your gait and mobility on any lower limb prosthetic device. Keep an eye on our feed! We'll be posting our clinic schedule soon.  

Do I need to be able to run to participate?

No! All ages and activity levels are welcome. You can join the group you feel best meets your mobility needs/goals.  

Does it cost money?

No! This is a no-cost clinic sponsored byÖssurand partnered with @CAF to help lower limb amputees achieve your mobility goals and continue to pursue a #LifeWithoutLimitations.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Össur & CAF Mobility Clinic?

Please email us or call 858.866.0959.