Tacy Riehm

As the founder of Vos Consulting, Tacy has nearly 25 years of experience in Organizational Development and Leadership Development. She is a highly relational facilitator, coach and consultant. Her genuine passion for developing people and her strong facilitation skills creates an environment that inspires and motivates participants to reach new levels of growth. She is a dynamic presenter who engages her audience through humor and real-life examples. She has a passion to help leaders reach their full potential, focusing on creating a deeper self-awareness and others-awareness because she believes those are the two ingredients that can help people make lasting change. For 15 years of her career, she functioned as an Organizational Development Consultant for a Fortune 100 company, working closely with leaders to create practical solutions. For the past 5 years, she moved into external consulting working with companies from a variety of industries from biomedical, fashion, tech, manufacturing, and start-ups. She functions as a consultant in three areas: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Program Design. As a facilitator, she facilitates leadership development sessions for leaders ranging from new leaders to the executive level on a variety of leadership topics. Tacy lives in Huntington Beach, CA, and is working with clients throughout the US, Europe, South America and Haiti.