Our Sustainability Journey

As a global company, Össur understands the importance of actively reducing our impact on the environment  As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we are pleased to have been Carbon Neutral from 2021 for energy and fuel consumption, business travel, transportation of goods and waste generation, and remain committed to being Carbon Neutral again in 2022. 

To further enhance our global efforts, we have implemented local initiatives at Össur New Zealand  to reduce our end-of-life environmental impact across our business. These include:

  • Commencement of a cardboard and paper recycling program at our warehouse. Since July 2021, we are recycling at least a full skip per week.
  • Converted to re-usable and degradable wooden pallets for warehouse storage and distribution from plastic, non-degradable pallets since August 2021.
  • Purchase of green power through our power providers and selection of other vendors with aligned sustainability goals.
  • Significantly reduced emissions from staff car and flight travel, with more meetings being held virtually where possible.
  • Donation of discontinued items to partners, such as Motivation Australia, for use in the Pacific region. We are proud to be one of their most significant corporate partners.